Buckeye Introduces “Magnum Sled” for Big Fish

Bucks Falcon Mercury

Magnum Goby SledBuilding on the widespread success of their popular Goby Sled jighead, Buckeye Lures hereby announces its

plans to introduce the Magnum Sled. The Magnum Sled is available in ½ and ¾ ounce sizes, in four different colors: black,
brown, junebug and green pumpkin. While it features the same distinctive head shape as its predecessor, it will replace the standard hook with an extra wide gap heavy gauge version from Mustad.

“When we created the Goby Sled, a lot of peoplepigeonholed it as a lure only for northern applications,” said Buckeye owner Jeremy Altman. “But we’ve learned that a lot of people are putting creature baits on them in the late fall through early spring and slowly dragging them along the bottom to catch some really big fish. This hook will provide better penetration, especially when you’re fishing it 30 feet deep.”

Elite Series pro Marty Robinson has used the early versions of the Magnum Sled on tour and has been amazed by how much action it provides a big worm or a creature bait when reeled steadily. “It’s very versatile,” he explained. “It keeps the bait at a different angle than any other head and you can

fish it through brush without getting hung up. You just kind of swim it across the bottom.”

“It comes through brushpiles and stumps better than any other jig,” said five-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Russ Lane. “That ¾ ounce size does what most guys use a football jig for, and you can add just about any plastic. It’s also really good for flipping docks and laydowns with that stout hook.”
The Magnum Sled is available on Buckeye’s website (www.buckeyelures.com), and will be sold through leading tackle stores and online retailers.

Look for it on The Fishing University with Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier in the near future.