Introducing Edwin Evers Pecans

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TALALA, Okla. — Professional bass fishing and pecan farming don’t have a lot in common … until now. Fourteen-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Edwin Evers is now in the pecan business. Fishing fans don’t need to worry, though. The popular Oklahoma pro will still be competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series and will challenge for the world championship at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell, but in between competitions, his focus has become a little … nutty.

“Edwin Evers Pecans is not just something with my name on it. This is my family farm,” Evers explains. “My wife and I are on the deed. We personally handle most of the tree grafting and transplanting. I laid the irrigation system. I oversee the harvest, and my family is involved in every step of the operation.”

And when Evers says he oversees the harvest, he’s not kidding. As this video shows, he brings his world-class fishing skills to the orchard in a very unusual way.

Edwin Evers Pecans offers a full lineup of delicious choices,including milk chocolate- and white chocolate-coated pecans, honey roasted pecans, crème brûlée-covered pecans and, of course, traditional farm-shelled pecans. They make a great gift item for your bass fishing and nut-loving loved ones.

“I’m dedicated to producing the very best and best-tasting pecans you can find anywhere at any price,” Evers says. “That’s not a gimmick. It’s a commitment. If you try them, you’ll definitely taste the difference.”

Oklahoma’s Green Country is the home of Edwin Evers Pecans and the world’s finest region for pecan production and great tasting pecans. Climate, rainfall and soil composition combine to create the perfect mix for pecans, and pecans are good for you! They’re a great source of manganese, protein and unsaturated fats. They’re also rich in beneficial Omega-6 fatty acids. Pecans reduce high cholesterol by cutting down “bad” cholesterol levels and even delay age-related muscle nerve degeneration.

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