MFT Product of the Week – Monster Shad Shad Shape Worm

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Monster Shad Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm

Our friends at Monster Fishing Tackle came up with an awesome exclusive color for the Gary Yamamoto Senko called Monster Shad a couple years ago.  This smoky grey top with clear bottom bait has large black flake and small chartreuse flake throughout is a killer in clear to lightly stained water.  Now, they have added Yamamoto’s highly effective Shad Shape worm to the Monster Shad lineup, and you can nor dropshot with the Monster Shad color too.

The Monster Shad Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm is our Monster Fishing Tackle Product of the Week

Check out what MFT has to say about it –

The Shad Shape Worm, from Yamamoto custom baits, is a soft plastic worm designed to mimic shad and other forage species that bass feed upon. The Monster Shad color is a Monster Fishing Tackle exclusive and the next great soft plastic in the line of Monster Shad baits. The Shad Shape worm from Yamamoto Baits has quickly become one of the most prolific drop shot baits in the country. The bait has proven itself as one of the most effective drop shot baits, especially when it comes to smallmouth bass. Anglers all over the great lakes region turn to the Shad Shape Worm when targeting deep smallies because of the bait’s identical appearance to a shad and its compact profile that sinks quickly without much resistance. It can also be fished darter headed or shakey headed. The shad shaped worm is also the perfect bait for the back of the smaller sized scrounger heads. No tackle arsenal is complete without a few bags of the Shad Shaped worm by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits.

The Monster Shad color of the Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm exhibits the same 3.75″ size and comes 10 per pack.

This color is exclusive to Monster Fishing Tackle and is sure to become one of the hottest drop shot baits in the country. Our original Monster Shad Senko is the best selling Senko color worldwide and continues to prove its effectiveness all over the globe. If you like the Monster Shad Color, why not try it in some other baits. Click Here to see more Monster Shad Color baits.