Ott Defoe Joins Aqua View Team

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Crosslake, MN. – In only a few short fishing seasons, Ott DeFoe has made a serious statement on the professional bass tour. With impressive wins on both the FLW and Bassmaster Elite Series circuits, the young Knoxville, Tennessee angler has proven he’s one of the finest “fish finders” in competitive bassin’ today, combining sophisticated sonar with the clarity of the camera.

Not coincidentally, it’s the same term anglers often use to describe their Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems: awesome fish finders with a sixth sense for identifying the biggest, baddest schools of bass.

Capturing this meeting of elite angling explorers, Aqua-Vu recently aligned optics with the top Bassmaster pro, nearly perfecting its pro-staff of uber-talented anglers. Team Aqua-Vu consists of a diverse selection of cutting-edge pros, such as Great Lakes bass legend Joe Balog, Hall of Fame walleye guide Tom Neustrom, renowned ice angler Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, and now, the ever-affable DeFoe.

Aqua-Vu, the original underwater viewing system, has remained the trusted brand among the industry’s most influential anglers for nearly two decades. Since then, Aqua-Vu cameras have been used as secret prefishing tools by numerous tournament competitors.

“There’s a whole other world going on below the surface,” says DeFoe, the popular Elite Series angler. “Sonar shows me the big picture of underwater terrain, and scans all around my boat. But when I need to identify fish species or to examine cover, close-up, the Aqua-Vu camera is a great tool; it gives me a fish eye view of what’s really happening underwater, all in colorful live video.”

Ben Gibbs, president of Aqua-Vu parent company Outdoors Insight, Inc., says DeFoe’s winning attitude and sense of discovery make him the perfect promoter and pro-staffer. “Ott’s reputation as one of the nation’s top bass anglers is exceeded only by his personality. He’s both a great fisherman and a terrific person. We look forward to Ott’s keen ideas and perspectives, as we further expand and engineer underwater viewing products for bass fishing.”

The recent introduction of the innovative Aqua-Vu Micro Plus and Micro Plus with DVR- smartphone-sized camera systems-lets DeFoe and other anglers spy on fish in their natural habitat with unparalleled convenience. Compact enough to fit into a coat pocket, the Micro series is the most portable and easy-to-use viewing system yet conceived.

“The more I can see and understand the bass and the structure they’re using,” says DeFoe, “the more fish I’ll catch. My Aqua-Vu Micro shows the exact species and size of fish I’m seeing on my Humminbird, and even picks out big bass hiding in heavy cover; I can even find fish without having to put hooks into them while prefishing.

“This new Micro camera is a powerful tournament tool that never leaves my boat.”

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The Original Underwater Viewing System, Aqua-Vu is manufactured by Outdoors Insight, Inc., and has led the underwater camera category in design, innovation and quality since 1997. They were also the first with on-screen displays of water temp, depth and camera direction, LCD monitor, IR and LED light systems, DVRs and now Digital Zoom. The Central Minnesota based company builds other popular outdoors products as well, such as the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera ( and Odor Check Moisture and Odor Control System ( For more information on Aqua-Vu, visit