Rick Clunn – Legacy on Display

Bucks Falcon Mercury

Four-time Bassmaster Classic champion, 1988 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, 14 Bassmaster wins, 32 Bassmaster Classic appearances, $2,159,763.53 in earnings. Three FLW Tour wins, six Forrest Wood Cup qualifications and $882,477 in earning.

These statistics do not make up the whole of the man.

Intensity, drive, passion, and a true sense of what every man needs in the position of the fishing universe.  That contributes to the whole of Rick Clunn.

Ray Scott invented professional bass fishing, Clunn helped build it.  The sacrifice to be the best, the drive to become one with the quarry and the determination to see it all through to the end have inspired many to achieve greatness on the water.

Legacy is evident in those who come behind and choose to walk in your footsteps.  Greatness in the realm of bass fishing competition inspires people to compete themselves.  Character in competition inspires people to not only compete, but to become more like you.

That is Clunn, invested in himself, in the competition and at this point in his career in leaving a legacy of himself as an indelible mark on not only the record books; but the lives of those who have chosen to follow him; either in the career, or as a fan.

This compilation of images from the final day of the recent Rigid Industries Falcon Slam was captured and produced by perhaps the only photographer that could have brought the real Rick Clunn out in image; Bassmaster photographer James Overstreet.  B.A.S.S. has some of the best photographers in the world at each event, but somehow, having J.O. be the one to display these just seems right.

Like the yin and the yang harmonizing the greatness of the angler and the decency of the man.  Enjoy this gallery set to music by one who displays the same attributes in his profession and life as Clunn does in his.