Team Lew’s Introduces the New Signature Series Rods by VanDam, Hackney, Rose, Montgomery and Zona

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Lexington, SC – June 8, 2021 – Team Lew’s is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of the Signature Series rods. This rod is the product of three years of research and development by the hard-charging

Lew’s Signature Series Kevin VanDam

innovators of Lew’s. It has been battle tested by the unrelenting and most demanding pro staffs in the industry. Hold a Signature Series rod in your hands and you are holding cutting edge innovation.  The first-class technology of the Signature Series rods results in game changing performance on the water.

What sets the Signature Series apart from other rods in the pro model space is FOCAS Blank technology.  This multi-layered graphite blank production process – used exclusively by Lew’s – delivers 75% greater tip strength and overall blank durability. And most critically, this innovative strength design preserves superior sensitivity.

With the introduction of the Signature Series, Lew’s combines brutal strength with the lightest touch, features that are typically not achieved together in a fishing rod lineup.

Signature Series rods also feature next WINN’S generation polymer Dry-Tac ULTRA Grips, delivering complete rod control.  With the Dry-Tac Ultra system, anglers experience the superior rod handling they have come to expect from Lew’s, resulting in tighter, more accurate casting, more controlled fish fighting, and the all-day comfort that is critical to serious anglers.  The Dry-Tac ULTRA system provides anglers with a solid grip while fishing in all conditions.

Keeping in line with Lew’s tradition of attention to often overlooked details, all Signature Series rods also feature SEAGUIDE RA Premium Aluminum Oxide guide inserts, yielding consistently smooth casts and durability with all line types.

“Our core value at Team Lew’s is integrity.  When our team puts a Signature Series rod in the hands of our customers, we must do so knowing that we are delivering a product that has been made with the finest quality materials, and is worthy of their hard-earned investment,” said Bob Brown, Director, Director of Product Development for Lew’s.  “We must have the confidence it will enhance their entire experience on the water, and that it is built to perform and to last; that is our mission with each Signature Series rod.”

There are 18 different actions that have been meticulously tested and tweaked to be perfectly aligned with the needs of five of the top names in fishing. Each Signature Series model is designed to be the precise action for the techniques these anglers are known for being the best in their fields.

TLS610MH – Topwater, TLS70M – Spinnerbait, TLS70MH – Spinnerbait/ Target Rod, TLS70M-CB – Squarebill/ Red Eyed Shads

– “At this point in my career, I only use the best. I fish hard, and I am demanding on my gear. I designed the KVD Signature Series rods to meet the rigors of my style of angling,” said Major League Fishing pro and bass fishing legend Kevin VanDam.

TLS69H – Skipping, TLS71H – Skipping, TLS73MH – Thunder Cricket

– “These rods are built by folks I trust. By people who understand serious angling. They are built to deliver results, and they are built with integrity,” said Major League Fishing BPT pro Andy Montgomery.

TLS72H – Jig/Worm, TLS75MH – Carolina Rig, TLS76MH – Swimbait, TLS711MH-CB – Deep Crankbaits

“This series is very personal to me. Before my signature is stamped on a rod, you can be sure that I have the confidence it will meet the demands of the anglers who will be buying them,” said Major League Fishing pro and former FLW Tour Angler of the Year Mark Rose.

TLS610MXFS – Shakey Head, TLS70MXFS – All-Purpose, TLS72MXFS – Tube Crackin’ Special, TLS74MXFS – Power Finesse

“With my style of spinning, sensitivity is key. I have no patience for missing even the slightest strike. This was my most critical request for my friends at Lew’s – build a rod with exceptional sensitivity – and Team Lew’s delivered,” said Mark Zona, host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show and The Bassmasters on FS1


“Power and speed are so important to my style of pitching a jig and throwing a frog.  I need a rod that is strong enough to pull a fish out of heaviest of cover, and a lesser rod just won’t cut it.  Our team at Lew’s has built a rod that will do the job,” said Bassmaster Elite Series pro, a Bassmaster and FLW Tour Angler of the Year and Forrest Wood Cup Champion Greg Hackney.

The Team Lew’s Signature Series will carry an MSRP of $179.99 to $189.99 and will be available in the fall of 2021

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