WON Bass U.S. Open Live Coverage

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Las Vegas, Nev. – September 8, 2013 – Noted as one of the toughest, yet most “just” fishing tournaments in the world, the WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open bass fishing tournament will kick off Monday September 9 on Lake Mead, in the desert outside Las Vegas. Once again, the Costa See What’s Out There Live show will be presented by Costa Sunglasses throughout the entirety of the three day event.

In its 31st year, the U.S. Open has proven to be an event that anyone has the potential to win because of the fact that Lake Mead presents anglers with the opportunity to catch fish in a variety of ways. Lake Mead also is the kind of fishery that gives few anglers a true home field advantage.

The desert conditions also present challenges to the anglers and their equipment. Past events have featured days eclipsing 100 degrees and afternoon monsoons that drop temperatures dramatically, bring high winds and torrential downpours to the event.

Winning the event is no easy task, and being the last angler perched atop the Costa See What’s Out There Hot Seat on Wednesday will be an angler who has earned his trophy and one year reign as the U.S. Open Champion.

The field of 142 Pro anglers and their AAA partners once again feature some of the premier names in bass fishing. The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open gathers the best anglers from the Western United States, as well as some of the legendary names in bass fishing history.

Included in the field this year are past U.S. Open champions; FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elite Series winners, Bassmaster Anglers of the Year and Bassmaster Classic Champions. The 31st WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open and the Costa See What’s Out There Live Coverage is sure to provide competitors and viewers plenty of fireworks throughout the three day event.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury U.S. Open takeoff will occur at Callville Bay Marina on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 5:45AM, with daily weigh-ins starting at 2:00PM. Following the event’s conclusion on Wednesday, a champion will be crowned at Boulder Station Casino the final evening of the event.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open See What’s Out There Live Webcasts presented by Costa Sunglasses will begin with a pregame show from the Boulder Station Casino after the Sponsor Showcase and mandatory partner pairing meeting; the live pregame show will begin Sunday Night at 5:30PM.

Daily event coverage will begin following tournament take off with hourly updates at 8:00AM, 9:00AM, 10:00AM and 11:00AM each day, followed by weigh-in coverage beginning at 2:00PM and finally a 6:00PM post game show; all show times are Pacific Standard Time. .

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open See What’s Out There Webcasts presented by Costa Sunglasses can be accessed by visiting www.wonbass.com, or directly at the event page of the 2013 The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open.

The WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open Live Webcast is presented by Costa Sunglasses, the event is also brought to you by Nitro Boats, Mercury Outboards, Costa Sunglasses, Bass Pro Shops, Adoption Awareness, Big Hammer, Bridgford Foods, Cousins Tackle, Daiwa, Frog Toggs, Fuji, Global Fish Mounts, Lobina Lures, Lowrance, Mustang Survival, Optimum Baits, Plano Molding, Pro Boats, Pro Mar, Seaguar, Snug Top, SPRO, St.Croix Rods, Star Tron, YoZuri and Zip Baits

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142 Pros and their AAA partners will head out onto the waters of Lake Mead Monday to contest the 31th Anniversary of the WON Bass Nitro Boats / Mercury Marine U.S. Open. The list of pros is below.

Ray Arbesu
Raymond Archer
Aaron Leon
Aaron Martens
Andy Manahl
Ben Byrd
Bill Brown
Bill Ruehle
Billy Hines
Billy O’Shinn
Billy Snyder
Bobby Lanham
Brent Becker
Brett Hite
Brett Leber
Byron Velvick
Chester Baxter
Chris Bozarth
Chris Dixon
Chris Studinger
Claude Sims
Clay Lippincott
Clayton Meyer
Clifford Pirch
Clyde Evans
Cody Compton
Craig Miller
Dave Wendrich
David Kemper
David Patrick
David Peltier
David Valdivia
Derek Yamamoto
Devin McDonald
Dick Watson
Dorne Soto
Dr. Randy Estrada
Ed Arledge
Ed Shaver
Ernie Stumpf
Gabe Bolivar
Garrett Howrad
Garrett Lorenzen
Gary Boyd
Gary Dobyns
Gary Pinholster
Gary Robbins
George Kramer
Gerald Kimzey
Guy Savidan
Jamie Cyphers
Jamie Shaw
Jason Borofka
Jason Burchfield
Jay Wright
Jeff Klicka
Jigs Benn
Joe Raftery
Joe Uribe Jr.
John Browning
John Demonet
John Mackey
John Morrow
John Murray
John O’Brian
John Perkins
John Weissfuss
Johnny Johnson
Josh Rhodes
Justin Hanold
Justin Kerr
Keith Beever
Keith Ferlanie
Ken Phillips
Ken Whalen
Kenichi Tanaka
Kevin Caruso
Kevin Norling
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Wiggins
Klayton Belden
Kyle Grover
Marco Valdez
Mark Poe
Marvin Barellano
Matt Massey
Matt Shura
Max Baurer
Melvin Williams
Michael McFarland
Mike Brillhart
Mike Caruso
Mike Folkestad
Mike Lavallee
Mike Phua
Morizo Shimizu
Neil Campbell
Neil Flores
Nick Young
Oscar Torrado
Patrick Whitaker
Paul Brockman
Paul Hodges III
Pete Marino
Philip Roesener
Phillip Dutra
Randy Blauket
Randy Cnota
Rich Tauber
Rick Clunn
Rick Mason
Ricky Shabazz
Robert Jenks
Robert Schoessler
Ron Hammett
Roy Hawk
Rusty Brown
Scott Wingo
Sean Coffey
Sean Stafford
Shane Moline
Shaun Bailey
Shawn Lee
Stephen Patek
Stephen Pike
Steve Gibson
Steve Molinari
Thomas Wennerlund
Todd Herman
Todd Woods
Tom Pryor
Tommy Jonovich
Tony Lain
Travis Richards
Trevor Young
Trey Campbell
Ty Sandefer
Vern Ridgway
Vince Genarro
Vu Au
Wade Strelic
Zack Elrite