Advanced Product Review – Berkley Line Spooling Station

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by Jason Duran


I have spent many hours training my daughters how to hold a pencil and perfectly apply the right amount of tension to a spool of line to help me spool up my reels before fishing.  Recently I had to break the news to them that they are going to be laid off and are being replaced by the Berkley Spooling Station. Well I can’t say they were disappointed but it really has made spooling reels easier.


Included in the kit is a line stripper that helps strip off hundreds of yards of line in seconds. Now I don’t have to make long cast across the front yard and spend time gathering up the line. The line stripper is battery-operated tool. All you have to do is just feed your line through and push the button and line comes off. It is as simple as that.


The Berkley Spooling Station is made of a light weigh yet tough plastic. It takes up very little space and provides a very strong working space The assembly is very easy has two screws and everything is in place and you are ready to spool your first reel.


Take your reel and mount it on the station much like your would on your rod. Use the orange handle knob to secure your reel to the spooling station.


The place where your line spool goes is adjustable using these plastic pads and can adjust from a pony spool to the large bulk spools. These plastic pads keep the spool from wobbling while you reel. They also provide the proper tension on your line. I have also seen where some will throw a towel over the spool to offer a little more resistance on the spool.


Once you have your spool secure you are ready to thread the line through the line holder.


This line holder keeps the line straight and going in the right direction towards your reel. It helps prevent your line from getting tangled and reduces friction which can damage your line.


You are now ready to secure the line to your reel and start spooling. The spooling station provides plenty of room to spool even large spinning reels.


It is simple and fast to spool reels and you don’t have to even have help from anyone else or worry about the spool bouncing around and tangling all your line up.  You can pick up your very own spooling station at tackle retailers everywhere, or online at