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Video Pro Tip – Fishing Shallow Laydowns with Greg Hackney

When it’s time to learn, why not learn from the best. In today’s Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip, we visit with 2014 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney and find out how he targets shallow laydowns with a crankbait.

Video Pro Tip- Rigging Soft Plastics for Flippin’ with Denny Brauer

Flipping soft plastics around heavy cover can be a delicate situation. While it is a technique that requires heavy gear, being setup precisely is critical. That means that plastics need to be rigged so that it can penetrate the cover, but come out of it easily. One of the best Flippers to ever grace the […]

Zapped with Tim Horton

Electronics are part of an angler’s lifeblood, and our Zapped series examines how the pros utilize any electronic gadget in their boats to make their jobs easier. In today’s episode Muscle Shoals, Ala. pro Tim Horton shares his setup from transducer placement to bow, and also how he likes to use his HydroWave to make […]

Video Pro Tip – Swim Jigs with Todd Faircloth

One of the truly H-O-T techniques on tour these days is a swim jig. From their hot bed areas of the Coosa River in Alabama to the Ozark Lakes in the Midwest, swim jigs have become one of the most productive lures on the water today. Today, in our latest Advanced Video Pro Tip Bassmaster […]

Video Pro Tip – John Crews on the TH Marine Hot Foot

Operating a bass boat is one of the most critical parts of modern bass fishing. Being able to control the boat from the trolling motor is critical to fishing success, but being able to control the boat behind the wheel is vital to an angler’s well being. One of the tools that can make a […]

Video Pro Tip – Flipping Grass with Russ Lane

Flipping heavily matted grass accounts for many large bass throughout each year.  But, not everyone knows how to choose the right lures, rig them correctly and even how to approach the technique. In this latest Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Russ Lane, from Prattville, Ala. gives us a crash course in […]

Video Pro Tip – Swimbaits in Fall with Brandon Lester

Swimbaits have made thier presence known in several major tournaments over the years; mostly in the springtime. Byron  Velvick at Clear Lake – twice, Steve Kennedy at Clear Lake, Skeet Reese at Smith Mountain, Davy Hite on Pickwick, Jay Yelas with two FLW Tour Angler of the Year titles largely because of swimbaits, and the […]

Video Pro Tip – Choosing Your Sunline with Tim Horton

Premium Japanese fishing line manufacturer Sunline has become known for their large selection of technique specific fishing lines.  From their vast array of fluorocarbons to the braids and their different monofilaments, Sunline has a line for just about everything. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tim Horton from Muscle Shoals, Ala. has his favorites, and he gives […]

Video Pro Tip – Cranking in the Fall with Wesley Strader

One of the fastest ways to put numbers of fish in the boat in the fall through early winter is to throw a crankbait. FLW Tour Pro Wesley Strader from Spring City, Tenn. loves cranking so much that he makes his own baits for the fall and early spring; the two season that bass get […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Fishing the 5XD with Mark Rose and Allan Ranson

We all love to catch large numbers of fish, and when the bass on the Tennessee River get offshore on ledges, they can be caught quickly and for long periods of time. Tennessee River monster Mark Rose has long proven that fact, and a crankbait is one of his primary tools. He shared some of […]

Video Pro Tip – Reading Structure on LOWRANCE – with Mike Iaconelli

This is perhaps our best blast from the past ever. While at the Toyota Media Event on Lake Guntersville in 2011, we filmed perhaps the best and most informative video we have ever filmed with Mike Iaconelli. Iaconelli located a road bed next to a steep break with some stumps and laydowns on the edge […]

Under the Lid with Fred Roumbanis

We love putting together our Under the Lid segments, and according to the feedback we get from fans and anglers alike, it is a favorite of visitors the Advanced Angler as well. Today, we revisit our most popular series with our latest edition with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis from Bixby, Okla. “Boom Boom,” […]

Video Pro Tip – Throwing the Rapala Shad Rap with Ott DeFoe

Fishing in the winter time can be extremely tough. The cold weather means that anglers need to find slow moving finesse lures, and Shaky Heads, jigs, spoons and dropshot rigs rule- right? Not if you’re Ott DeFoe. This Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Knoxville, Tenn. loves to throw a finesse crankbait in the winter, and […]

Video Pro Tip – How and Why John Crews uses the T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate

There are so many performance advantages to running a jackplate on a bass boat.  Any kind of set back plate will make a bass boat come out of the hole better, can make it run faster and even corner better. Make that plate a hydraulic plate and the benefits in performance and even fishability skyrocket. […]

Advanced Video Pro Tip – Lipless Crankbaits with Tim Horton

Not a lot of people remember this, but while Muscle Shoals, Ala. Elite Series and Major League Fishing pro Tim Horton has a reputation for being a deep crankbait specialist, his first major win came in his rookie Angler of the Year season on a lipless crankbait. Horton loves to throw these noisy, tight wiggling […]

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