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Video Pro Tip – Big Worm Overview with Michael Neal

Fishing a big, 10 or 12-inch worm on structure can be a great way to produce a limit, or the biggest bass in your bag. FLW Tour pro Michael Neal, from Dayton, Tenn. uses them to put bass in his boat, and he shares with us how he sets them up , fishes them, and […]

Video Pro Tip – Carolina Rigging Overview Jeff Kriet

Sometimes when things get tough, it’s the best time to bring out the old “two-plunk,” the infamous Carolina Rig. While some anglers hate the Carolina Rig, others find it to be a most effective tool. One of those anglers is Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet, from Ardmore, Okla. He is here in this latest […]

Video Pro Tip – a Strike King Crankbait Overview with Mark Rose

One of the single most baffling things about bass fishing can be knowing when to apply the correct lure for a given situation, and choosing a crankbait can be a daunting task. Strike King pro Staffer Mark Rose, a true master of deep water techniques, spent some time with Advanced Angler trying to help us […]

Video Pro Tip – Chris Zaldain Tips for Finesse Fishing

There are times that the only type of bite an angler can count on is one that requires a little finesse. One of those anglers who has been able to excel when finesse tactics are necessary is San Jose, Calif. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain. In this Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip, Zaldain shares […]

Video Pro Tip – James Niggemeyer Tools and Tips for Fall Topwater

Fall is a great time for fishing topwater baits, but are you equipped with the right tools and gear to make the most of it? James Niggemeyer, a Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Lake Fork Guide from Van, Tex. has all of the information you need to make the most of fall topwater opportunities

Video Pro Tip – Better Squarebillin’ with Mark Menendez

Squarebilled crankbaits have become the go-to baits for anglers across the country. But, according to Bassmaster Mark Menendez, most anglers don’t get the most out of this exciting category of baits because they do not put the baits in “harms way” In this Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip filmed by our own Jason Duran, The […]

Video Pro Tip – Jig Fishing Tips with Andrew Upshaw

We love our video pro tips, this time we visit with Lew’s and Gene Larew pro staffer on his new Outkast Tackle jig series. Upshaw shares the features of his new jigs, the Lew’s rods and reels he uses, the Gene Larew trailers he uses and how to fish them. Become a better jig fisherman […]

Video Pro Tip – Shaw Grigsby on Wacky Rig Ochos

One of the most effective methods for catching finicky bass is the Wacky Rigged soft stickbait. Today, Legendary bass pro Shaw Grigsby shows us how to rig the lure, the gear to use, and where it can be effective. This is everything from rod reel line to hooks and tools, all in one video pro […]

Video Pro Tip – Fishing Rip Rap with Dennis Tietje

Professional Angler Dennis Tietje spent much of his life working in his family’s crawdad farms, as a result, the Roanoke, La. pro knows a thing or two about how to target crawdad eating bass. Today, Tietje shares with us his favorite lures for targeting bass on rip rap dams, a popular place for crawdads, and […]

Video Pro Tip – Hardbait Modifications with Chris Zaldain

A professional angler must know their gear inside and out, and some of them are so in tune with them, they know when they can make small modifications to make them even more effective in certain water conditions or pressure. West Coast native Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain shares some of his favorite modifications […]

Video Pro Tip – Swim Jigging Docks and Strike King Bladed Jigs with Jonathon VanDam

Jonathon VanDam is one of the true up and comers on the Bassmaster Elite Series. His favorite way to fish is to cover water by using horizontally moving lures, and when bass are in marinas, one of the best ways to target them is to use a swimming jig just under the floats on the […]

Video Pro Tip – Jig Rigging and Flipping Tips with Denny Brauer

There’s no better way to learn than to sit with an angler who is better than you and listen. On Advanced Angler, we like to help you do that by sitting with the pros on your behalf and bringing the results to you. Today, we bring you a video from Denny Brauer, the Del Rio, […]

Video Pro Tip – Keith Combs’ Deep Cranking System – Strike King 6XD, 8XD and 10XD

Keith Combs has proven to be deadly when it comes to targeting big bass in deep water. He utilizes a system of crankbaits to make sure he reaches depths and creates opportunities for strikes. His system includes the Strike King 6XD, the soon to be released 8XD and the 10XD crankbaits. Check it out here:

Video Pro Tip – Fishing the Caffeine Shad in Fall Kevin VanDam

Schooling bass can be some of the most fun and exciting fish to catch, and in the fall, that can happen every day, or even several times a day. One of Kevin VanDam’s favorite tools for this time of the year is his soft plastic Caffeine Shad rigged on his Mustad Grip Pin hook. In […]

Strike King Pro Tips – Redeye Shad in Fall with Todd Faircloth

Check out this Strike King Lure Company Pro Tip from the Strike King Media Event at Kentucky Lake and Fish Tale Lodge in Buchanan, Tenn. Today’s Video Pro Tip is from Todd Faircloth with tips on using the Strike King Red Eye Shad in Fall – Filmed by Jason Duran

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