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The Informative Fisherman – Clear Lake with Paul Bailey

Our friend Nick Smith, The Informative Fisherman spent a day on Clear Lake with another friend of Advanced Angler, Paul bailey of the “Big Bait Posse” fame and the two of them came up with an episode of The Informative Fisherman to remember. Bailey and Smith treat us all to multiple fish caught on everything […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Kevin VanDam Rocks Table Rock

Time for another look see at some of our favorite features, the Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewinds from the 2012 season. In this episode we crank it up with KevinVanDam as he uses his trademark blow and go shallow crankbait methods on “the Rock,” Missouri’s famous bass impoundment. Enjoy,

Pro Tip Videos – Spooling Line the Ish Monroe Way

In the days of fluorocarbon fishing line, one of the biggest issues anglers are faced with is line twist. That pesky problem that can cause a wad of line to jump off of the spool during a cast off of a spinning reel can also cause line to become weak or brittle. Today, Bassmaster Elite […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Denny and Chad Brauer at Falcon Lake

Today on Advanced Angler we revisit one of our favorite episodes of Strike King’s Pro Team Journal. Today we look at a 2012 episode with Denny and Chad Brauer as they attack the south Texas Bass factory Lake Fork.  

Advanced Angler’s Under the Lid with Brandon Lester

Every time we get the chance to visit with one of the big league pro anglers and tour their boats, we have to admit that we get a little excited. Our Under the Lid videos are a fan favorite, as well as the favorite of all of us here at Advanced Angler. Today we get […]

Advanced Install – Boat Install with Corey Fenske of Sticky Graphics

One of our favorite things to do is provide the viewers of Advanced Angler videos to help you take care of your fishing gear a little better, install a new device, or repair something.  usually, our Managing Editor, Dan O’Sullivan is the one doing the work, but today is a little different. Today, DanO gets […]

Advanced Install – TH Marine KVD Two Way Boat Alarm

Have you ever been on a fishing trip and felt like you needed just a little bit more security for your boat and the equipment in it and on it? TH Marine, the marine accessory and OEM company out of Huntsville, Ala. has a line of products that are intended to help keep your pride […]

Advanced How-to – Using the Power Pole Drift Paddles

A little more than a week ago, we showed you how to install the Drift Paddles to the Power Pole Sportsman II’s mounted on the back of the Advanced Angler Skeeter.  We showed you the ease of installation and a little about how to adjust them for driving on the water and controlling your drift. […]

Strike King Pro Team Journal Rewind – Trolling Crappie Cranks

We love to take a moment to revisit some of the past episodes of Strike King’s Pro Team Journal show.  We’ve seen their pro staff put on some amazing displays of fish catching over the years, and we’re grateful that they share them with us here on Advanced Angler.  Not only is each episode is […]

Under the Lid Rewind – Jared Lintner – circa 2012

Every once in a while, we like to take a look back at some of the Under the Lid videos that our readers enjoy so much. Today we take a look back at our 2012 episode featuring Jared Lintner, the Elite Series pro from Arroyo Grande, Calif.  This episode was filmed by Jody Only early […]

Video – James Niggemeyer Under the Lid – 2014 Edition

Time for another episode of Under the Lid.  We first filmed an episode with Van, Tex. Elite Series pro and Lake Fork guide James Niggemeyer in 2011, but now that he is in his new Yamaha powered Ranger Z520c, we thought it was time to revisit with him again. In this episode, Niggemeyer takes us […]

Video – Advanced Install – Power Pole Drift Paddles

We love being able to show our readers how new parts are installed.  Our Advanced Install video series has shown you how to install HydroWaves, electronics, custom battery charging systems and even Power Poles. Well, today, we get to show you how to make your Power Poles even more versatile with the installation of their […]

Informative Fisherman Video – Big Swimbaits with Nick Smith and Joe Bruce

Over the past several months, we’ve enjoyed spending some time with the YouTube videos of Nick Smith, the Informative Fisherman.  His videos with some of the pros around Northern California cover everything from the basics of fishing to high end techniques of the pros. Today, we visit with Smith as he learns more about throwing […]

Advanced Angler’s Under the Lid with Justin Lucas

Time for another edition of our popular and original series Under the Lid. In this edition, we get our first look at Guntersville, Ala. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Justin Lucas’ ARE  and Berkley / Abu Garcia wrapped Toyota Tundra and Ranger /Evinrude rig. Lucas gives us the goods on his towing setup and how his […]

Under the Lid Rewind – Chad Morgenthaler

Time for a Friday look back at one of our popular Under the Lid videos. This time we take a look back at then FLW Tour pro, now Elite Series pro, Chad Morgenthaler’s Phoenix / Mercury tour boat. Some of the Sponsors may have changed, but the lessons learned and the tips shared can help […]

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