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Video Pro Tip – Throwing the Rapala Shad Rap with Ott Defoe

Fishing in the winter time can be extremely tough. The cold weather means that anglers need to find slow moving finesse lures, and Shaky Heads, jigs, spoons and dropshot rigs rule- right? Not if you’re Ott Defoe. This Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Knoxville, Tenn. loves to throw a finesse crankbait in the winter, and […]

Video Pro Tip – How and Why John Crews uses the T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate

There are so many performance advantages to running a jackplate on a bass boat.  Any kind of set back plate will make a bass boat come out of the hole better, can make it run faster and even corner better. Make that plate a hydraulic plate and the benefits in performance and even fishability skyrocket. […]

Advanced Video Pro Tip – Lipless Crankbaits with Tim Horton

Not a lot of people remember this, but while Muscle Shoals, Ala. Elite Series and Major League Fishing pro Tim Horton has a reputation for being a deep crankbait specialist, his first major win came in his rookie Angler of the Year season on a lipless crankbait. Horton loves to throw these noisy, tight wiggling […]

Video Pro Tip – Cranking Grass Edges with John Crews

Throwing a crankbait can be the most efficient way to cover water and figure out where bass are holding.  Most anglers tend to stick to them around rock or isolated stumps or wood cover, but shy away from them around grass because they spend too much time bogged down in weeds to be effective. Bassmaster […]

Video Pro Tip – Flippin’ Boat Docks with Bill McDonald

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but boat docks can produce bass year ’round. FLW Tour pro Bill McDonald knows that one of the best ways to produce quality strikes from boat docks is to pick up his Flippin’ Rod and put a jig or bulky soft plastic into the strike […]

Video Pro Tip – Fishing Flutter Spoons with Mark Davis

One of the deadliest weapons for truly big fish in the summer through fall period is a flutter spoon. Mark Davis is an offshore specialist who quickly learned how to include the Strike King Sexy Spoon into his repertoire and he shares how he fishes the big slab of metal with us here in his […]

Video Pro Tip – Selecting Crankbait Colors with Mark Davis

Crankbaits can be very effective tools for catching bass any time of the year. One of the final keys to making sure bass take them effectively is selecting the right colors. But, with so many colors available on the market today, how do you make sure you make a good choice? Elite Series pro and […]

Video Pro Tip – Mark Menendez’ Buzzbait Modifications for Fall

Topwater baits in fall can be deadly, but because of the amount of baitfish on the move, bass sometimes require  something extra to make them strike. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mark Menendez from Paducah, Kent. really loves a buzzbait this time of the year, but he has a few little tweaks he uses to make […]

Video Pro Tip – Shaw Grigsby on the Strike King KVD 8.0 Squarebill

Gainesville, Fla. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Shaw Grigsby shares why he is a big fan of the new Strike King KVD 8.0 Squarebill crankbait.

Video Pro Tip – Mike McClelland Fishing the SPRO Rockcrawler Crankbait

Being from the Ozarks, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike McClelland has long been a fan of small, tight wiggling crankbaits, especially in the early spring and fall. Just this past spring, the Bella Vista, Ark. pro won the Elite Series event on Table Rock Lake with a finesse style crankbait at the forefront. He’s so […]

Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip – John Crews Topwater Fishing with the SPRO Dawg 100

Topwater is one of the most exciting styles of fishing, and in the fall especially. But, what is the best way to approach it this time of the year? What are the prime conditions for throwing a surface plug. Salem, Va. Bassmaster Elite Series pro John Crews shares with us his pointers for fishing the […]

Video Pro Tip – Big Worm Overview with Michael Neal

Fishing a big, 10 or 12-inch worm on structure can be a great way to produce a limit, or the biggest bass in your bag. FLW Tour pro Michael Neal, from Dayton, Tenn. uses them to put bass in his boat, and he shares with us how he sets them up , fishes them, and […]

Video Pro Tip – Carolina Rigging Overview Jeff Kriet

Sometimes when things get tough, it’s the best time to bring out the old “two-plunk,” the infamous Carolina Rig. While some anglers hate the Carolina Rig, others find it to be a most effective tool. One of those anglers is Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet, from Ardmore, Okla. He is here in this latest […]

Video Pro Tip – a Strike King Crankbait Overview with Mark Rose

One of the single most baffling things about bass fishing can be knowing when to apply the correct lure for a given situation, and choosing a crankbait can be a daunting task. Strike King pro Staffer Mark Rose, a true master of deep water techniques, spent some time with Advanced Angler trying to help us […]

Video Pro Tip – Chris Zaldain Tips for Finesse Fishing

There are times that the only type of bite an angler can count on is one that requires a little finesse. One of those anglers who has been able to excel when finesse tactics are necessary is San Jose, Calif. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain. In this Advanced Angler Video Pro Tip, Zaldain shares […]

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