Fish with Ish – Finishing Up Itching to go Fishing

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogI’m still finishing up the final details of my tackle prep for the year. I’ve spent three weeks, eight hours a day doing it, and I’m getting down to the last of it.

I’ve gone through every box and replaced broken ones, replaced all of the hooks that need replacing, and ordered some new trick stuff to give me an edge. I also spooled up my Steez Flippin’ Sticks and Frog Rods with Daiwa Samurai Braid and the rest of my rods with Maxima Fluorocarbon or Ultragreen, and am ready to go.

Some people ask why I spool my reels up so early, but they sit in my house waiting to go, which is a steady temperature. Besides, I’ll use the line on them for practice, and change most of them again for tournament days.

I fly out Friday to head to Flippin, Ark. to pick up my new Z521 Ranger, and once I do that I have some decisions to make. I’m still deciding if I’m going to go fish the FLW Lake Shasta Everstart tournament that starts January 13. I’d mainly do it to put my new Ranger and Yamaha SHO through its paces, break it in and get it ready for the tour season.

But, if I’m being honest; I’m itching to fish a tournament – bad.

The Everstart gives me a good chance to cash a good check, or $35,000 if I win. Shasta’s the kind of lake that anyone can win, it’s all about being there when they’re biting, and I bet there will be a swimbait bite up there.

But, that’s where the decision making process comes into play, not on tournament strategy, but on travel plans. If I fish Shasta, I’d have to leave the Lake, get home for a day to pack up for the tour season. Then I’d head to Phoenix to get my Cocoons wrap installed at Liquid Wraps.

I’d leave my truck and boat there and fly home to work the Sacramento ISE show for Team Bass Adx and Ranger Boats. After a couple days at the show, I’ll fly back to Phoenix, pick up the rig and head to Florida for the first FLW Tour Open on Lake Okeechobee that starts February 3.

It would be a really busy couple of weeks, but it’s all about fishing and making money, so I gotta go where the paydays are; it’s what I do.

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