Stephen Browning – Christmas Extended

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BrowningBlogJust wanted to say Happy New Year to everybody.

I’m Looking forward to the 2013 season.

I have been getting asked about what I got for Christmas from several people here over the last couple of weeks – you know, my Christmas is about to get started. It will start off in Florida with the Southern Open and I am planning on fishing the Southern Opens as well as the Central Opens and also the Bassmaster Elite Series, so I have a full schedule ahead of me, including a lot of trade shows and participating in the Classic Outdoor Shows so, 2013 is here and I greet it with open arms.

What I was talking about for Christmas presents; I have a lot of new sponsor products that are just now getting readily available and sent to me; so here in the next week or so, as I prepare for the Toho Tournament I will sampling some new St. Croix rods and new Lews reels.

Another great Christmas present was getting the call from Triton to pick my new Triton TR 21X HP; powered by Mercury 250 Pro SS.

You know, it is going to be like Christmas all over, here in just a few short weeks as all the new stuff starts coming in.

And, like I said, just waiting anxiously for the new season to begin; and homework is being done as we speak, with preparing for a good year; kind of a rebounding year and I just kind of look forward to keeping everyone up to date on my status.

We’ll also be working on a new website and I will keep everybody up to date and check back here to Advanced Angler for an update on that; and hope all is well.

Again, Happy New Year!