Dave Lefebre – Okeechobee Practice Wrap

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LefebreBlogOkeechobee is fishing a little tougher than I was anticipating this year. I think the weights will still be high though because this is Florida after all and they always are. I’m thinking the over-all weights will be about like the EverStart event a couple weeks ago but I expect to see a 35-40 pound sack or two, hope it’s in my livewell.

Practice wrapped up yesterday and I can tell you I’m not all that thrilled about it. I did find a couple areas with some fish though and I’m ready to rock and roll!

I think the problem is this dumb tropical depression that is sitting on top of south Florida right now. It has been raining and super windy every day, which makes the fishing harder and makes it more difficult to see into the water. Sight fishing is normally a big deal here this time of year, but the conditions are definitely making that a problem for sure. The locals and guys who have been down here fishing for weeks have to be loving the weather we’re getting for this official practice period.

We have today off, and after not fishing for a couple months I need it. I’m whooped and ready to sleep in, lol. I have a photo shoot around noon and a couple of interviews lined up and then the pre tournament meeting in the afternoon.

I’m hoping to find some time to get rigged and organized; I have so much to do. I don’t think I have ever had so much tackle and so many rods in a boat in my life. Usually as practice goes on I keep thinning it out, but this time I kept adding more and more every night. Its funny, I have tackle in every single compartment in the boat and even have spools of line in the cooler, LOL. After I get everything ready tomorrow my boat should weigh at least 300 pounds lighter.

Anne and the kids are sick of the wind and rainy weather too. They were supposed to go to the beach today with some friends, but decided to stay home instead. They have a nice pool here at the campground, so the kids are loving going swimming every day.

It will be sad to go home after this week, I wish we could stay until the next tournament in South Carolina in three weeks, but we have things to do back home. Mitchell and I have to bake a cake with no female assistance, ha ha. Yes, it is another Cub Scout challenge that we hope to win this time!

Talk to you next week from Erie, PA, hopefully in my ice shanty!