James Niggemeyer – New York Update

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NiggemeyerBlogHey, it’s James Niggemeyer here and man, wow – it has been an eventful three
weeks so far on the road out of six that I am going to be gone from
Left home about three weeks ago and went up to the Bass Cat plant where
we were a part of the Dealer Meeting there and they unveiled the new Bass Cat
boats and the new designs and different things like that and they kinda made a
big splash with their partnership; the fact that Bass Cat and Yarcraft are now
one company.

They build an incredible new walleye boat; it was really
kind of neat to get on the water with those boats and the new Bass Cat models
for 2013 and the new Yarcraft, which I really knew nothing about walleye boats
to date, but now I am getting an education and it is pretty neat.

that I went up to Lake Cayuga for the Northern Open; it is really the only
Northern Open that I fish, but since it was right before the last Elite event
that I fish on Oneida I thought what a great deal to go up there and make a trip
of it – since I am a competitive tournament angler for a living I thought;
another chance to work and win some money.

So I went up there and it
worked out great! I finished up third there at Cayuga and then I finished 24th
at Oneida so I had a great run in New York – New York has been pretty good to me
– I like fishing New York waters whether it is Lake Champlain or Oneida and now
Cayuga. They’ve got great lakes up there and basically my pattern is consistent
– centered around the grass. The thing I have learned about grass fishing,
whether it is hydryla and milfoil, like we have in the south or coontail, but
there was a lot of coontail up there and I centered around the coontail and some
other types of vegetation that I couldn’t even tell you what they

You know, going north is a lot like fishing in Florida; so many
different types of vegetation and trying to put a name to each one of them is
But anyway, it was a great run; third there at Cayuga – I guess I
was two pounds out of second and about four or five pounds out of first. It was
great to have a great event; that was my highest finish event of the year so
far. And obviously Oneida was a great one – finished in the money there and
basically caught all my fish on a Strike King Rodent and threw a great Tungsten
weight –and I did catch some big ones on a new bait called the Shell Cracker

So now, I have come back down south and we stopped; the whole family
and we kind of had a little mini vacation for a day there. We stopped at the
Creation Museum in Teetersburg, Kentucky and if anyone ever gets around that
way, I highly recommend it – it was very educational and opened my eyes to a lot
of stuff and I just really think it would be worthwhile and the whole family
enjoyed it.

I drove my through Arkansas through the hurricane Isaac and
headed my way towards Fort Gibson for the last Central Open; which was my last
shot at the Classic qualification. I finished 14th, which was good, but I sure
would have liked to win it and get into the 2013 Bassmaster Classic. Next, I
have got the PAA right there in Muskogee on the Arkansas River, and perhaps I
can get into the TTBC.

So, I’ve got a lot going on and then it will be
roughly about two weeks until I return home, I will update you as we go