John Murray – Lickin My Wounds

Power Pole

MurrayBlogThe Elite Series season is over, and I’m sorta lickin’ my wounds after a horrible year.
I sort of summed the whole thing up at Oneida – I fished the same area both days of the tournament. I caught one bass the first day and I caught thirteen pounds the second day, so, the fish were there, I just had to make some adjustments.
The first adjustment I made, I started throwing the Rig Walker by River2Sea – I got a few samples of the it, and man, it was a killer little swim bait! It is going to be a great little bait – I used just the clear shad color and it was just a dynamite little bait. I didn’t throw it enough the first day – it was pretty calm; but the second day we got a little chop and they got on to it pretty good.
So, yeah, that’s sorta my year; I was on good fish, but couldn’t catch them both days.
Next up is the US Open – I drove out out of Illinois to Phoenix for a day or two, unpacked and then headed up to Las Vegas for practice. The US Open is something I always look forward to; probably my favorite tournament of the year. Can’t ever wait to get into a tournament on Lake Mead; I just really feel at home there, it is my favorite tournament of the year. So, I will let you know how it goes.
It should be a fun tournament, one I am really looking forward to.