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IshBlogSorry it has been so long since I left a blog – it’s just that it has been kind
of crazy. Took a little vacation out of the country – needed some R and

Got back on another five weeks straight; yes, I said five weeks
Just got back from Cabela’s Grand Opening in Virginia; headed to
Cayuga Lake for the last Northern Open where I finished thirteenth – yes,
thirteenth – which is an unlucky number because it is the first guy out of the

I did get to catch them the way I like to; froggin’ and flippin’ ;
you know Ish’s Poppin’ Phatty came into full effect and one ounce and one and a
half ounce and punchin’ with a River 2 Sea Trash Bomb and the Missile Bait Bomb;
I mean, gosh, it is pretty amazing!

The D Bomb is so good that I
actually flipped out there broke one off on the hook set, the fish swallowed the
bait; I flipped back and I catch the fish after I retie; with the bait down his
throat and three feet of line hanging out – so I had a nick in my line

I ended up cutting the line; left the bait down in his throat
and put him in the live well. Pretty awesome! Tells you how irresistible the
Missile Bait D Bomb is.

I’ll wrap everything up for you soon.