Boyd Duckett – Pay per View Learning

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DuckettBlogI mentioned on this blog a couple of weeks ago a few of the format and rules aspects that we’re going to use when we kick off MAJOR LEAGUE FISHING. After I wrote that piece, I got to thinking that there is one part of MLF that we, and by we I mean the anglers, haven’t been talking about. And we need to start doing it.

That part is the web-based pay-per-view that’s going to be offered. We’ve determined that we’ll offer MLF for $2.99 per broadcast. I think that’s a bargain, and here’s why. You’re going to get a lot of user-friendly information when you watch a Major League Fishing broadcast.

Before I go further, I should say that we still don’t have the dates set for the pay-per-view. But we’ll announce those soon. I just want to make sure it’s on your radar, because it’s on mine. Even though I’ll be participating in the tournament, I will absolutely be watching the PPV.

What MLF is trying to do is give you a look at what it’s like when some of the best anglers in world get dumped on a body of water with no practice, and they have to go find fish – a lot of fish. I’ll be watching because I want to see what Skeet and Ike and Aaron Martens and a bunch of other anglers are going to do in that situation. I want to see how their minds work. And you’ll be looking at the same thing I’ll be seeing.

I don’t want to sound like a carnival barker, but are you kidding me? It will be a $2.99 seminar. This a great deal. I keep thinking about Aaron. I won’t say much about this, but I will tell you that Aaron has an unconventional way of finding fish. Since I’m usually competing against him and don’t really get to watch him operate, I’m going to enjoy seeing him zero in on where the fish are. I think you will, too.

I’ve been telling people that I can’t wait to see Dean Rojas working with his frog when there shouldn’t be a frog bite out there. And I’m going to get to watch Denny go to the banks and start flipping. I know Denny sometimes sees things I don’t see. I might not be able to do exactly what they’re doing, but I promise you I’m going to learn some good stuff.

I’ve told the other anglers to be on notice. I’m going to steal from them. And I’ll be better in the second MLF event than the first one because of what I learn.

One other thing that I think you’re going to see is how the great ones fish under serious pressure. We did a test run a few weeks ago. Mike McClelland, Jeff Kriet and I went out and fished a few periods under the MLF format. And I can assure you that you have never seen tournament pressure the way you’ll see it when you know you have to stop fishing at the end of a period. We’ll have three periods every day, and every period is a tournament unto itself.

I can’t wait. And I can’t wait to watch it.