Cody Meyer Flick Shakin’ Lake Shasta

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

MeyerBlogI am literally sitting at the top of the launch ramp on Lake Shasta getting ready for Day 1 of the FLW Everstart event right now. It’s cold and the fishing is tough. The lake is fishing like I have never seen it before. The fish are really hard to find on the graph, they are suspending in the middle of the lake and in the backs of the fingers on the lakes. Usually I can find them on the Lowrance graphs super easy this time of year on Shasta but, this year is completely different.

The good news is I think its only going to take about 9.5 pounds a day to make the top 10 cut after the first two days. The bad news is I have only been catching about 7 pounds a day. With 150 boats out here I am thinking 7.75 a day gets a check. I’ll keep my head down and fish hard and see what happens.

My baits of choice this week are the Rago SKT Swimmer in the new Blue Ghost color. This is a great color for Shasta and the perfect bait for the better sized spotted bass. I will also be throwing the flick shake worm on vertical walls trying to catch those suspended fish. I will be fishing from the bank al the way out to 40 feet deep. For the deeper fishing I will be using my signature series Phenix Football Head Jig in my favorite Brown Sugar color.

It’s going to be a tough tournament but, hopefully I can get a big bite each day to help me get the weight I need to fish on Saturday. I’ll try and check back after day 2 with another blog but, for now wish me luck… I think I am going to need it!