Dave Lefebre – Beaver Lake First FLW Tour Major of 2011

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogThe first FLW Tour Major of 2011 starts in the morning. I’m excited to be kicking of the Major season, I just wish we were on a lake that treats me a little better. Beaver Lake has been a thorn in my side over the years. I’m just hoping to survive and get the heck out of here…if I don’t win that is. I’ll obviously try to do that first, lol.

Our trip down was long but good. Gramps came with us this time, so that’s always exciting and fun to have him around. We drove from home straight to Flippin, AR to the Ranger Boats factory. We spent three days there before heading the 2 ½ winding and hilly back roads to Rogers, which is a little scary when towing the 5th wheel. I got the new boat, a Z-521 like I always get. It is all rigged and ready for action finally. It’s a lot of work getting everything just right and in place. I spent 3 full days rigging it, trying to duplicate exactly what I’m used to. I’ve added a pair of Power-Poles this season and like I said before I am really pumped to put them into action, though most likely that won’t happen this week.

I got another shipment of Dobyns Rods just before practice started and Gary, if you’re reading this…thanks! Been too busy to even call my own Mom this week. These sticks are crazy good; it will be an asset to be using them this season no doubt. If you have never touched a Champion Extreme, find one somewhere, you will be amazed at the perfection and craftsmanship alone, I promise. And when you fish with one you will never be satisfied with anything else. I’m very close to narrowing down the rod models I will use and for what, when I do I will surely let you know. It’s a tough task when there are so many good ones to choose from.

Well, it’s like way passed my bed time, gotta get up at 5:30! You can keep up with me on Face Book throughout the Beaver Lake event this week.