Fish with Ish – Time to go Fishing Again Classic’s Over, Beaver Lake is Here

Bucks Falcon Mercury
Bucks Skeeter Yamaha
Power Pole

IshBlogWell, it was an interesting Classic once again, another one down the drain and another Classic Win for KVD.

I was there working for Ranger, Yamaha, Team Daiwa and I spent a little time with Connie at Snag Proof. After spending three days at the show, one thing I learned at the Classic this year is that I never wanna work another Classic Expo; I’d rather be fishing. But, that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.

I will say this, I’m getting’ fired up about FLW Beaver Lake and I’m sitting here doing some last minute touches on my Ranger / Yamaha SHO and get some tackle together and getting’ really fired up. You know, Beaver Lake’s going to be really interesting.

We had a lot of cold, cold weather the past couple of weeks but, we had a little warming trend right before the practice, and I thought that would trigger those fish to get up in their pre-spawn mode. But, we got another cold front come through and it slowed the bite down again.

Not that it was great before, Practice was terrible, it’s Beaver Lake and my best day of practice was four keepers. I’ve decided that I want to have fun at the FLW events, and do things my way, so I’m gonna pick up a Wiggle Wart and a jerkbait and have fun, so, I’m pretty much fired up and ready to go, you know.

Everything’s looking good though, I got all my new Team Bass ADX gear ready for the cold weather. I’ve got new beanies and hoodies ready to keep me warm and I’ll be lookin’ good too, so that’s a positive.

I’m just finishing up some last minute tackle stuff before I have to go the pairing meeting. That’s pretty much it for now, I just really wanna go fishing now, and so until next week I will see you all on the water. Keep following on FLW Outdoors and we’ll see if I can bust a big ol’ sack and get me some big bills in return.


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