Dave Lefebre – Cup Preparation and Practice

Power Pole

LefebreBlogI’ve been consumed by Cup preparation for the last few days, getting tackle packed and the boat ready. I spent several hours on the water yesterday tuning in my Lowrance units and getting better at understanding how my side scan operates. I messed around with every single setting and all I can say is it’s even more amazing than I ever thought. I’ve definitely figured some things out that will no doubt make me better in future off-shore derbies…what a tool!

I received some new Dobyns Rods and was able to get out and drop shot over 200 pounds on one of them yesterday, I’d say that one is definitely broken in. I can’t say enough about these sticks, they’ve changed my world in a good way. I’ve settled on the Champion 702 and Champion Extreme 743 for most of my drop-shotting. The 702 handled those 5-pound smallies quite well. It’s a tad lighter than some prefer, but I like it a lot. Until now, I’ve only been using the Champion Extreme, but I gotta say I’m impressed with the Champion Series big time, truly great rods and a lot more affordable too. I’ve got a lot of sound advice from Gary over the last couple years about his drop shot theories and preferences and I really appreciate him taking the time. He likes the 743, and for Lake Erie and deep, big, fast smallmouth you need the extra length and back bone. For everything else I think I’ll be using the 702.

I still have a lot of tackle packing to do, I actually might take everything since I have zero idea what I may end up doing at Lanier this time around. I need to be prepared for anything (I think) and load all my totes into the Suburban, there are only 15 of them, lol. I like to try to keep it simple but I cant this time as hard as I try, lol. I’ve looked threw countless bags and boxes and I simply can’t narrow it down. Its funny but I guarantee I’ll have the most tackle of anyone in the field by far…its going to be stupid. If I need a black grape worm with a hot pink curly tail…by golly I’ll have it!

We hit the road in a couple days (Thursday) and we couldn’t be more excited. It will be nice to get away from watching the builders work on the house and see the progress after 12 days. Watching every step of the way is cool, but it makes it go so slow. They are framing the first floor now and are still saying we should be in by early October…cant wait!

Cup craziness is about to begin, well it actually already has for me. In between fishing, I’ve done three radio interviews, two Newspaper interviews, and two photo shoots in the last two days, haha. But the real fun starts this coming Saturday, I will be at the Wal Mart at 3875 Mundy Mill Rd, Oakwood, GA from 11am-1pm. Jacob Powroznik and Randall Tharp will also be there signing autographs and talking fishing and the Cup. Come on over and say hello. And as always you can keep up with me throughout Cup week on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DaveLefebre