Remove Scent for Optimum Fishing Results

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Chambersburg, Penn. – Scent is powerful fish-catching medicine. But sometimes, it’s what your presentation doesn’t smell like that matters most.

Scientists call it chemoreception- the keenest and most important sense used by largemouth bass and most other fish. Bass draw upon their combined senses of smell and taste to detect prey and then to accept or reject it. The largest part of a bass’s brain is in fact committed to detecting smells-it’s the only sense whose messages travel straight to the brain unprocessed and un-filtered.

But lost in the confusion of applying artificial scent to lures-or whether most scent products benefit bites at all-is the valuable act of removing odors that repel fish.

Studies consistently demonstrate that sunscreen, insect repellants containing DEET, soap, nicotine and human amino acids-even in minute amounts- can turn fish off faster than a coldfront. Meanwhile, anglers still aren’t sure which scent additives attract bass-or if they even matter at all.

It’s precisely why the scent scientists at Rippin Lips formulated No Trace® Field Spray. Developed to knock out 100% of the odors that make fish flee, No Trace can actually help reverse fishing fortunes by ensuring a totally natural presentation. The new, radically effective scent killer seeks out, neutralizes and eliminates the full spectrum of odor producing molecules, including both artificial chemicals and human-born contaminants. No Trace removes negative odors on contact, and in effect, lets you ‘fish invisible.’

Formulated with all natural, organic compounds, enzyme-imbued No Trace can be sprayed directly on to your hands, clothing or even an old pair of gym shoes. The results are dramatic and immediate.

Unlike soap or oil-based solutions, No Trace is a benign cleansing agent that requires no rinsing or toweling off. Developed over a two-year testing phase by scent specialist and former tournament angler Kirk Kellough, No Trace doesn’t mask odors, it removes them. “Spraying No Trace on your hands refreshes them,” says Kellough. “There’s no scent, color or residue left behind. But the results are immediate-you’ll notice an instant lack of any scent whatsoever. Smoke, gas, bug spray, sunscreen-it knocks out all fish-repelling odor molecules on contact.”

Kellough says that No Trace can also be applied directly to contaminated artificial lures, such as crankbaits. “Even the tiniest traces of sunscreen, DEET or even human-born L-serine can pollute our presentations. No Trace has the same powerful odor erasing effects on lures as it does on skin or clothing.” Kellough says that if you’re planning to apply an artificial scent product, you can first knock out any negative odors on a lure by applying No Trace, then washing the lure off in the water.

“The properties of this product are really quite remarkable. Not only is No Trace earth’s most powerful antimicrobial, it’s also a natural antiseptic and a disinfectant-it will actually help heal cuts and scrapes on skin. And it has absolutely zero impact on our fisheries, which is the other meaning behind the name. We wanted a product that both removed negative scent from hands and lures, and also one that was 100-percent environmentally safe. No Trace does both.”

Sold in 8- and 22-ounce trigger bottle applicators, No Trace is available at Fish natural. Fish with confidence. Fish invisible.

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