Dave Lefebre – Douglas PAA and Drumming

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogHome for a few days before I head off to Douglas Lake, I think.  There is a PAA event there and I’m still not 100% sure what I’m fishing yet besides the Tour, but I’m heavily leaning toward fishing Douglas.  I haven’t been there since Rick Clunn won the BASS Megabucks a long time ago.  I went with a buddy from home who got in as a co-angler and I got lucky (or unlucky) on the last day and got to fish because a co-angler went home.  So that’s pretty much my history on Douglas, not much.  This year 15 anglers will qualify from the BASS Elites, FLW Majors, and the PAA to fish the Texas Bass Classic on Lake Conroe as well as next years Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork in the spring of 2014…  So there’s a lot more riding on qualifying this year than ever before.

I finished 15th at Lewis Smith last week and I’m cool with that, even though I feel like I was on the fish to win.  Oh well, It’s over and time to focus on the next one. I had a few late-night-after-work-bass-eating-minnow-tossing-dock-dwellers interfere with my chances, and if it weren’t for that, things would have been a lot different.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I brought the new Frosted Flakes Ranger home for the first time and pulled it into its spot in the boat bay of the garage, it fits perfectly.  I was worried because of the angles getting it in through the back door and whether I’d be able to reach the rod racks and dry erase board from inside the boat, but its all perfect and I’m relieved.  To my surprise it even fit without lowering my Power-Poles.  I got the 10-foot Blades this season without thinking and I was just sure they were going to be too high, as I planned everything around the eight- footers…whew…got lucky!  The boat dock is at just the right height too, I’m anxious to get in there and start working in the boat and making it “mine.”  I’ve had two tournaments now and haven’t had even one extra day to modify my boat, it needs quite a bit of attention, so that is what I’ll be doing until I leave for Tennessee…

That…and practicing on the drums, lol.  I’ve been given the opportunity to sit in with Dylan Scott and his band during the Beaver Lake weigh-in, so if I don’t make the top 10 cut on Sunday, I’ll be jamming on stage, my other passion in life… can’t wait!  Dylan and the boys are really good and without a doubt going places in the music industry.  Their CD is available at Wal-Mart for only $5.  Get it and check it out, if you like new country I promise you’ll love it and listen to it all the time.


Off to go work on the boat!