Dave Lefebre – Family Fun and Cup Prep

Bucks Falcon Mercury

LefebreBlogWe had a good holiday week and weekend visiting family we don’t get to see very often. My wife’s cousins flew in from all over the country; we had a pig roast and played games. The 98 degree weather made volleyball so much more enjoyable, lol. This heat has been unreal, today is finally the first day of relief, it’s only supposed to get to the upper 70’s…ahhhhh!

I have not fished at all since Champlain and I’m starting to go through withdrawal I think. I’m actually going to go out today to start drop-shotting and get into the light line/spinning rod groove in prep for the Cup on Lake Lanier next month. I hate spinning rods to tell the truth but if that what it takes, its what I’m going to do. I’ve got all my clear water gear all together and I’m going to try to get fired up about it, what else can you do? I would love to see the Tour Championship up north sometime in a slugfest type of place, these 102 degree, deep, clear-water joints are getting old to me.

Our house is now in its 2nd week and they are starting to pour the footers today and hope to be framing early next week. It’s been cool to be able to watch this whole process, but it also makes the time go way too slow. Gramps seems to enjoy watching the guys work too, we are all excited that things are finally in high gear now.

I’m still debating on going to fish the Ever Start on Lake Champlain next week or not. I should know by tomorrow, I think it would be fun and worth it. I would expect several Tour guys to get in it because there is just nothing going on at all right now, it’s kind of odd. I think I would do pretty well even if I didn’t practice based on what I found when we were there last week and the stage of the fish. My deal should be getting better as we get further away from the spawn. I think I’m talking myself into going right now, lol.