Lazer TroKar Hookpoints–Albright Special

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

Story and Photos by Jason Duran

In today’s Hookpoints we are going to take a look at how to combine two different types of line. It is common these days to use braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. The question often is what knot to tie when combining these lines. Knots that are strong and won’t damage fluorocarbon when tightened are preferred. Today we will look at how to tie the Albright Special.

In the photo above we have chosen to use Sunline FX2 Frogging & Flipping braided line and Sunline Reaction FC Fluorocarbon. Sunline FC Fluorocarbon is designed specifically for reaction baits it offers a little more stretch than regular fluorocarbon. Sunline also has other fluorocarbon options such as Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon it is super strong and is resistant to abrasions and has very little memory; FC Sniper is excellent for finesse applications. Another option is Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon this is an excellent choice for heavy cover applications.

To start this knot you will want to make a loop in your fluorocarbon and hold the loop. See above we have chosen to make a rather large loop.

The next step is to insert the Sunline FX2 Braid though the top side of the loop in the fluorocarbon.

This knot requires you to wrap around the braided line and the loop you made in the fluorocarbon. You will want to wrap your line at least 11 times staring at the base of the loop up towards the loop itself. In some applications you will wrap the line over 15 times. Keep in mind the smaller the diameter of the fluorocarbon the more wraps you will want to do. See above how we have pinched the braided line. As you wrap your line you want to keep your wraps as neat as possible.

See here the loop in the braid is our first wrap. We have now wrapped the line around 3 times. We are wrapping from right to left in the photo. Continue to wrap and keep them neat.

This photo provides a closer look at our wraps. Here we have wrapped seven times. The blue part of the line on the bottom is the line we are using to wrap around the loop. The loop in the braid on the right side is our first wrap. Take note of how neat the wraps are. In this photo we are not pinching the knot so you can see everything. However, with each wrap we are pinching and holding them all in place.

See above what it should look like once you have completed 15 wraps. Once again the big green loop is our first wrap. The blue part of the braid is our tag end of the braided line.

You now take the tag in and insert it from the bottom back into the loop you made in your fluorocarbon.

Now you will want to pull the main line of the braid. In this photo our main line is the green part of the line. When pulling the main line you will tighten the knot up to pull the loop out of the first wrap. Continue to hold both the tag and the mainline of the fluorocarbon. This takes a little practice to perfect but after a little practice it will go smoothly. Just continue to work the line till it is starting to tighten up. Please note, it is important in this step to wet your knot with saliva the keep from burning the fluorocarbon and causing breakage.

In this photo the loop has been tightened up by pulling the main line of the braid. Now is the time to pull all four lines. Work these lines so that it begins to get really tight. See here how the loops lie right on top of each other.

Now it is time to pull the main line while holding both the tag and the main line of the fluorocarbon. You will want to get this knot really tight it helps to wrap the line around something like a screw driver or a pair of pliers.

Do the same thing with the tag end of the line. Be sure to hold tight to the fluorocarbon.

Now cut off the tag end of the braid. Go ahead and cut it tight to the knot.

Cut off the tag end of the fluorocarbon. You can cut the line really close. The closer you cut it the smoother it will be.

Here you can test the knot. This is the point where the knot will fail if it is going to. Pull really strongly and firmly.

If you have tied the knot correctly it will not fail and will withstand you pulling hard. Notice here how the Sunline FX2 Frogging & Flipping Braid has wrapped all the way around the Sunline Reaction FC Fluorocarbon so that the Fluorocarbon is actually encased inside the braid.