Dave Lefebre – Potomac Wrap – More Ahead

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LefebreBlogSo going to the Potomac EverStart Series tournament without practice wasn’t a train wreck after all…whew! What an awesome place to fish, I was hoping it would be fun and worth the trip and it never disappoints. I finished 4th and made $8,000 for 3 days of fishing, not too shabby…I’m glad they had room for me and that I decided to go at the last minute.

My limited practice was quite eventful. I actually got there around 3:30pm and had the boat in the water at around 4:00pm. I was allowed to practice until 6:30, not much time at all, but I felt I could eliminate a lot of water at least in a hurry. Well that was wishful thinking, lol. I was staying on the Virginia side of the river so I launched at Leeslevania, after checking a little spot close by, I ran across into Mattawoman Creek and idled all the way to the back to see if the fish had moved in yet. It’s a long idle, I had two bites but it was obvious it wasn’t right back in there, so I idled back out. That burned a little over an hour. As I was running back across the river to start looking for good grass, an ear broke off my prop. It was now almost 5:00 and I had to idle four miles back to the launch ramp, nice! So that was my practice.

Wouldn’t you know it I drew boat #9, my best boat position of the season, and the first time I had absolutely no idea where to go, ha ha. With the brand new prop I borrowed from my good friend, Steve Chaconis, I ran to the area I was headed to the night before and there was still some pretty good grass there from way back in June when the FLW Tour was there. I ended up camping in that grass bed for the next three days and learning more and more each day. I caught a ton of fish every day and it was an absolute blast.

The only bad thing was that after the day one weigh-in (on my birthday) I slipped on the boat ramp and landed on my elbow. I have never hit the floor so fast and hard in my life. At first I thought I was going straight to the hospital and not able to fish day two, but with lots of ice it gradually got to feeling a little better. Unfortunately now I think I have a problem with that elbow because it still hurts over a week later. I’m going to go get it looked at after the season is over…two more to go!

I’m in the processes of packing for Guntersville, I leave tomorrow morning, and now I have to go straight from Alabama to Lake Conroe Texas. The PAA called yesterday and said they had a position open for the Texas Bass Classic, so how could I refuse that? I’m in and I couldn’t be more fired up. Anne and the kids can’t make it to G-ville, but I’m hoping they can fly to Birmingham, AL and make the trip to Texas with me, that would be perfect, not likely, but perfect!

During my week off I’ve been fishing of course. The bass are biting big time, the jumbo perch are biting, and I just caught 50 huge crappie last evening. Needless to say, I cant wait to get back home in 3 weeks and pick up where I left off, I love this time of year up north…LOVE IT!!!