Dave Lefebre – The Bottom Dropped Out

Power Pole

LefebreBlogLast week before the Chickamauga tournament I think I said the water dropped out, but I should be alright???? Well, instead of being “alright”, as I drove from Tennessee toward Garland Texas yesterday I wrote a new song…it’s called I suck! I was obviously not alright and it’s been hard to sleep every night since then.

Even though I stunk it up last week, I still had the bites on day two to finish between 30th and 40th place somewhere, 89th is real bad. I lost not one, but two 5 pounders, but it could have been so much worse because I only had one fish at 12:30 on the second day.

It’s amazing what a little prayer can do. I’m thankful for what I did catch and that the others who were high in the points also struggled a little. The points race for AOY is a lot tighter now but I’m not completely out of it as I thought I would be after such a train wreck. We are at half time now with 3 FLW Tour Majors to go, the next one being at Table Rock in Branson, MO.

I’ve done fair at the Rock in the past and look forward to getting there next week. I’ll have a week off before that event to get all my stuff re-organized before the official practice period starts on Sunday. Anne, the kids, and the dog are meeting me there with the camper and we’re staying in Kimberling City somewhere. We are looking forward to the week off in Branson, there’s so much to do there and we never really have time to goof around. I can’t wait to get there, I miss my family so much.

Right now I’m sitting inside the house where me and Ott DeFoe are staying in Rockwall, TX. It’s pretty cool here; we are only 3 minutes from the lake. There is a bad thunder storm pounding us right now, so we had to get off the water. We’re practicing for the Bass Pro Shops PAA All-Star Tournament on beautiful (not) Lake Ray Hubbard.

Tomorrow is the last day and I really haven’t done all that well yet. We have to be off the water by 3 pm for the registration. It’s pretty much a nasty muddy mess which is making a super small lake fish even smaller. The wind has been blowing 30+ every day and making half the lake totally unfishable…perfect! I already know where I’m going to “camp” in the tournament…do or die, there’s really nothing at stake at all in this one. I be’s uh goin for the win and that there’s all there is to it!

Well I think Ott and I are going to go have a fish off in the pond by the house now, we still have an hour before dark. I’ll probably let him win since he helped me push my boat off a sand bar yesterday morning, lol. It’s the least I could do, right?

I’ll catch you all next week from Missouri!