Fish with Ish – Harris Chain is Here Flippin, Frogs and Flip Flops

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogWOO HOO, the cold weather is over. No more Beaver Lake; yes I sucked I should have changed baits earlier, because it was a bait change on day two that helped me catch a limit. If I would have changed baits on day one, you never know, I could have caught one extra fish that would have gotten me a check or even two more fish that would have gotten me a $10,000 check; but, that’s the way it goes.

I’m here in sunny Florida, I’m at the Harris Chain getting ready for the first event of the Bassmaster Elite Series 2011 season, and I’ve got to say; I’m pretty happy about it. No more sissy fishing and it’s gonna be fun.

I’m in Florida, and it’s all about Frogs, Flippin’ and braided line; my style of fishing. They’ll be some bed fish, some Flippin’ fish and some topwater fish, there’s pretty much several ways you can go out and catch ‘em down here, so I’m looking forward to it.

I gotta tell you, I’m just happy to out here wearing shorts and flip flops and holding my Daiwa Steez Flippin’ Stick for once; I like that Shorts, Flip Flops, Flippin’ Sticks and Frog Rods, so if we got rid of the shorts, it would be the three F’s. Actually, it could be the four F’s, frogs, frog rods, Flippin’ Sticks and flip flops; that would be fun.

I had a funny thing happen in practice; I was fishing my Snag Proof Phat Frog around some grass, and I got a bite. Well, it turned out to be a big bite, because it turned out to be a little alligator, and it wouldn’t let go of my Phat Frog. I hope I don’t have to deal with too many of those in the tournament.

Practice is over, the meetings are behind us and I can’t wait to get started. Well, that’s it for this week, hopefully things will go well and I’ll have a good long story to tell you about the “W” for next week’s blog.

I’ll catch you all next week; later.