Fred Roumbanis – Elite Series Underway Good Start and Good News

Power Pole

RoumbanisblogI started the Elite Series season in with a 29th place, and while I wanted it to be better, I’m certainly happy with a solid start.

I spent most of my week with an iRod Bub’s Punching Rod or my iRod Magic Stick in my hands; I was Flippin’ and pitchin’ and throwing a frog. I had some huge blow ups on a frog but none of them took it down so that I could catch them.

I mainly flipped with an El Grande Lures tube and a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver on the Punching Rod with an Ardent F500 Flippin’ reel and 65-pound-test P-Line Braid with a tungsten weight and a 4/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Flippin’ Hook. Most of my weight came on those two rigs.

I did have one heartbreaking moment on Saturday. I pulled into an area and saw an eight to nine pounder sitting on a bed with a little male. I flipped my El Grande tube in there and out of nowhere came a four pounder; which I caught.

After putting that one in my livewell, I went to work on the big one again. On my fourth flip into the nest she got really aggressive and spun around my lure. Then I felt my line jump; so I set the hook. As soon as I did she went sideways on me; I knew I’d foul hooked her, but it was worse.

When I got her up to the boat, I had actually wrapped my line around her like a lasso, and tied a knot around her pectoral fin. I had no idea how I did that, but when I let her go, she swam off, and didn’t come back.

As for the St. John’s River, it’s been like watching one of those wildlife shows on TV. I’ve seen everything from manatees, to rays, too many alligators to count and a bunch of biting gnats. Good thing I have the Buff that Power Pole gave to me, because that keeps them off of my skin.

One of the manatees got me all wet though. I was trolling through an area minding my own business when one of them came up and splashed me with its big paddle tail. I guess I scared him, but I really didn’t mean to.

Anyway, I’m excited about the start, and really pumped up to go fishing. In case you haven’t heard by now, Jackson is going to have a little brother or sister in a few months. Julie and I found out in January, and we’re both really excited about it.

I’m also happy to hear that all of our friends at ima Japan are okay following the earthquake and tsunami. I feel terrible for all of the families that lost people and property to that tragedy, but my friends and sponsor at ima are okay, and we were really grateful to hear that news.

Keep praying for Japan as that country tries to start recovering from the tragedy.