Lowrance HDS on Tour – The HDS Downscan Difference

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LowranceBlogSeveral years ago the color screens that hit the market made a huge difference for anglers in being able to decipher the difference in bait, hard bottoms, trees and fish. Then, when the Lowrance HDS units arrived; the difference became even clearer.

Now, with Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan, anglers can get an even clearer picture of what an individual piece of cover is on the lake bed.
In the past, even with color screens, anglers would have to take time to figure out if that blob of color on the screen was a tree, or a cloud of bait. That has changed now.

Thanks to the ability of the angler to run their Lowrance HDS Units in split screen format, they can have one side of the screen displaying traditional two dimensional sonar, and have the Structure Scan, Down Scan or both running in the next frame.

As you’ll see in this on the water video, Lowrance has made identifying structure a much easier task; even in deep water.

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