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IshBlogWell, we’re in week three of what I’m calling the marathon trail of the six or seven straight weeks of fishing tournaments I’ll be in.

Okay, on to my Harris Chain results. What do you say about last week?

Everything that the big book of fishing says was supposed to happen didn’t happen. So, everything that we know about Florida and bedfishing is over.
We just have to take the book and throw it out the window. If the conditions are right, they’re gonna move up, and if the conditions aren’t right; they’re gonna move up anyway, it’s that time of year.

That being said, I’m here at the St. John’s River and we’re looking at them. Some of them good, some of them not so good, and some of them are indifferent.

So, our new plan for this week is to catch the good ones. I’m going to put my MotorGuide on high and try to find the best fish I can find. I’m running around the lake with my Yamaha 250 SHO Pro Four Stroke, and I’ve got full confidence in my motor to get me there and back.

I prepared my equipment, and spooled it all up with Daiwa Samurai braid because after looking at the water, I feel like I can get away with it here. The water conditions will allow me to go heavy with all of my Steez rods and reels, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

So, with only Wednesday’s practice day left; it looks like we’re off and running toad another sightfishing tournament. It should be fun; it’s one of the ways I like to fish. But, like I said, take everything we know about the book and throw it out the window.

Last week proved that to me.

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