Lefebre Blog: Dancing with Grammy

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogThis is the view from the property we will building our new house on soon. Lake Erie looks so cool with all the ice chunks floating around. It won’t be too long before you can get out there and catch some huge Smallies on spoons. Too bad I’m going to be on the road for 2 months.

I just started packing to leave for Lake Hartwell, SC. Well actually I’ve been working for the last 3 days, packing the boat and Suburban and organizing tackle. Yesterday I had to take the 5th wheel RV to the dealership to get the stabilizer jacks replaced because someone forgot to raise them one morning before we pulled out, haha. I can’t believe I did that, I was so mad. It’s always something especially when you’re in a hurry, which I usually am even when I don’t need to be??

I had to unpack my tackle from the camper and throw everything into the back of the Suburban too which was a nightmare. Anne and the kids will not be traveling with me to the next event so we will be leaving the camper at home this time. We think that Anne, the kids, and her Mom might be coming down during the tournament for a couple days and then going back home. Our new trucks are being delivered to Kentucky so Anne will hopefully drive the old Diesel down and the new one home and I’ll trade the Chevy wrapped Suburban for a new Frosted Flakes one.

It has been a busy and tough week since we got home from Arkansas. Anne’s Step-Dad passed away during the third day of the Beaver Lake tournament. It was completely unexpected. Hank was diagnosed with throat cancer a couple of months ago and was expected to get through it fine. He and Anne were very close and he was truly a great man, quiet, humble, and would do anything for anyone. He and Anne’s Mom live next door. Hank was the one who took care of our grass in the summer and the snow in the winter. We will miss him terribly but we are also confident that he is in a much better place now, not having to deal with the chemo and radiation anymore. Mitchell and Macy called him Papa. The other day Macy said “Papa Hank is now dancing with Grammy in heaven”. I love how the little ones see things sometimes.

Please keep my family, especially Anne and her Mom, Candy in your prayers.