Ish Monroe – Holiday TIme

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IshBlogYo, yo, yo – holidays time!

But in the holidays – time for time off – it just doesn’t seem like that for me.
I’ve had a lot going on – yeah – Fish and Chips in Oklahoma on Grand Lake where the 2013 Classic is going to be. Super excited about that cuz I won the fishing side of Fish and Chips! Went out there and pretty much cracked ‘em!

I just had a phenomenal week; I was able to catch them on a buzz bait and catch them on just a little bit of everything. It was a real fun tournament!

But then the Poker side of it, got a bad seat. What is a guy supposed to do when he flops trips? Trips duces; I was on the big line; I had to play it. Flop trips – you gotta bet it; that’s the way it goes with poker!

Get a full boat at the end – I’m all in and the guy gets a bigger boat. He has kings over nines and I have kings over deuces and it is just that deep. So, Fish and Chips – great event; great week. I had lots of fun; caught a lot of fish won the fishing side and then on the poker side I bomb-badiered!

The following week, moved on to Major League Fishing – awesome – awesome event! I am so excited about when it comes out on Pay Per View!

I felt emotions that I haven’t felt in a long in tournament bass fishing – so there’s a LOT of good stuff there! I am really excited about it and I am going to watch the Pay Per View in January. Maybe I can see some of the things that the other guys are feeling out there because it is a pretty good deal!

And then there is this week – HOME! Yeah, it’s been A LOT crazy – not just a little bit. Getting boats ordered; getting tackle ready; ordering Power Poles; Yamaha outboards. We’re talking Bob’s jack plates; Lowrance Electronics – we’re talking lots and lots of stuff.

Team Bass ADX seems to be rockin’. You know, all the great dealers out there have been ordering so they are stocking up so you guys can stock up. You can check out the sweatshirts – they are “pretty” as some guys would say. The long sleeve shirts and the beanies for the winter time; you gotta stay warm, so check out the Team Bass ADX gear and this week is turkey week and I will fill you in on what I have going then, so good luck; happy fishing and happy holidays!