Ish Monroe – Lake Hartwell Wrap and First Elite

Bucks Falcon Mercury
Strike King
Atlas Jack Plate
Power Pole
Lews Fishing
Lews Fishing
Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogWell, first tournament down the shoot at Lake Hartwell.

Not a bad finish; I really wanted to fish a little bit better, but hey – caught them on my River2Sea Biggie Crankbait and Bling spinnerbaits.
That spinnerbait is SO awesome – it has that big hook in it. I caught a couple of four pounders that were really key; I just needed ONE more bite to make that top twenty cut.

But, it was still a good finish and off to the first Bassmaster Elite Series event down here at the St. John’s River.

IshMonroeBlingLemonadeTwistlowresBoy the St. John’s River a lot different from last year, there are not as many spawners; so, there is definitely going to be some post spawn fishing going on.
But hey, the Bling Spinnerbait could play a factor; the Phat Frog for sure will definitely play a factor for this week – really good on those post spawners.

It has definitely been interesting.

I have covered; I want to say, about a hundred mile stretch of the three hundred miles of the St. John’s River.

You know, I really thought that punching with the River2Sea Trash Bomb and Missile Baits D Bomb would be a factor, but they have been doing a bunch of spraying here and that hurts the punch bite – but hey, as long as there is a little duck weed I can get my frog going and I think I will be really good to finish; hopefully top twenty in this tournament and have a shot at the win.

So, until next week at Okeechobee where the big sticks will play a factor; I will see you guys then!