Ish Monroe – Lake Hartwell Wrap and First Elite

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IshBlogWell, first tournament down the shoot at Lake Hartwell.

Not a bad finish; I really wanted to fish a little bit better, but hey – caught them on my River2Sea Biggie Crankbait and Bling spinnerbaits.
That spinnerbait is SO awesome – it has that big hook in it. I caught a couple of four pounders that were really key; I just needed ONE more bite to make that top twenty cut.

But, it was still a good finish and off to the first Bassmaster Elite Series event down here at the St. John’s River.

IshMonroeBlingLemonadeTwistlowresBoy the St. John’s River a lot different from last year, there are not as many spawners; so, there is definitely going to be some post spawn fishing going on.
But hey, the Bling Spinnerbait could play a factor; the Phat Frog for sure will definitely play a factor for this week – really good on those post spawners.

It has definitely been interesting.

I have covered; I want to say, about a hundred mile stretch of the three hundred miles of the St. John’s River.

You know, I really thought that punching with the River2Sea Trash Bomb and Missile Baits D Bomb would be a factor, but they have been doing a bunch of spraying here and that hurts the punch bite – but hey, as long as there is a little duck weed I can get my frog going and I think I will be really good to finish; hopefully top twenty in this tournament and have a shot at the win.

So, until next week at Okeechobee where the big sticks will play a factor; I will see you guys then!