Ish Monroe – Off Season Usual

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogInteresting week – it seems like it’s been kind of slow, but in actually been kind of busy. The season is over with and it is time for preparations for 2012; you know, getting all the new products in and testing new prototype products to maybe have an edge up on the guys next year. Got some great new things coming out for River2Sea; hopefully my new Poppin’ Frog for Snag Proof. I mean there are a lot of different things that we’re testing and I think we are getting them right!

Other than that, you know, ordering boats and motors and electronics and rods and reels; you know, just making sure that you have everything set going into November. Hopefully this December I can actually take a vacation and spend some time not thinking about tournament bass fishing.

Other than that, it’s just been lots of paperwork day to day; you know, Team Bass ADX has me going and shipping products to Tackle Warehouse and places like that; you know, taking care of those guys because you know, they do a great job selling our product. So if you get a chance, go to Tackle and check out the Team Bass ADX gear.

I got a little bit of fishing in at the Delta. It is just going to become one of the premier flipping places in the country. Flipped some big ones last week, had a bag in the mid twenties. So, yeah, I got in a day of fishing; which is pretty cool and that is about it until next week.

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is a new soft plastic company starting up and I am very excited about it – new shapes and colors that they are doing are just crazy and I am so excited about it. People will freak when they see what is coming out. I really can’t give too much detail on it or disclose the deal or show anything yet, but, look out for what’s coming!