Ish Monroe – Back from UMF – Prepping

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IshBlogIt’s a week before Christmas and I got lots of things going on. You know, prep time is still going on.

Got to squeeze in some fishing – I filmed Ultimate Match Fishing – I am very excited about the show I always love being on UMF, it was a great deal – you know, the guy I was fishing against is awesome and I think you folks are really going to enjoy the show. It was really good; a couple of surprises which I like for this year.

I got to go fishing there, which was fun and caught some good ones and had a good practice too and caught a bunch of fish there, and nice warm weather. That’s the one thing that I have to say that I like and am looking most forward to as the season starts is warmer weather.

Other than that, I’m just getting ready; the boat should be here any day now and I’m going to be hard pressed putting it together; I mean, we are basically taking the Z 521 Ranger and starting from scratch. You know, I’m running the Bob’s Jack plate which I’ve got to put on; gotta put on dual Power Poles; and you know I gotta put the SHO Yamaha motor on there; the Lowrance Electronics. I am going to have the battleship prepped! It’s going to be prepped with Lowrance HDS 10’s and I am just so excited about that. Don’t forget the workhorse, the MotorGuide Trolling motor, gotta get that mounted on there as well.

So, it is going to be putting everything on the boat and then hopefully on the following week I will be putting everything in the boat and I will be telling you guys about that and getting you guys some video here of the rigging of the boat and you will kind of be getting an idea of where I start every year and how I end up.

You know, anybody that says preparation is overrated is definitely a person who needs to prep because you know what they say about luck – it is preparation meeting opportunity and it is if you get both of those things coming together can make a lot of things happen.

So, I have been cranking out a lot of articles so there will be a lot of good stuff out there for you guys to read and I get my teaser emails from my hot new soft plastics company about all the new baits that are coming in here pretty soon, so that’s got me a lot of excited too!

Just reading Advanced Angler and the rest of the news on all the good sites out
there every morning; you know, with my morning cup of hot tea.

So, until next week during the prep, I will catch you guys on the flip side!