Ish Monroe – Okeechobee to Guntersville

Power Pole

IshBlogThe 2014 season has not started out the way I wanted. Lake Okeechobee has let me down, it’s changed so much. There’s a few guys that caught em’ okay Flippin’, but the Flippin’ bite is done on Lake Okeechobee. It’s a winding bite out in the middle of the grass.

Yes, I know I can do that, but it’s Flippin’, for me. You know how much I love Flipping and throwing a frog, and I did catch a couple big ones on a frog, but it just didn’t pan out in the tournament.

I got some pretty cool video footage working with FLW on Beyond the Basics, and you guys should check that out coming out of next month.

I left 90 degree weather, which was amazing, the best park of the whole trip down there. Now I’m headed to the Bassmaster Classic; the snow bowl. Yes, lot’s of snow hit North Carolina, while I stopped at CS Motor Sports to get some Rigid Industries lights put on my truck and some more put on my boat, ya know, I gotta have some bling- bling going on, ya know. Now I got some flashing blue lights on the River2sea Ranger, and it looks really good. I gotta thank the guys from Rigid Industries for hooking me up, and of course Brent Meyers over at CS Motor Sports for doin’ things so good and makin’ the truck look clean. He also installed a new alarm to deter all the thieves out there from tryin’ to get into my boat and truck.

Other than that I left there, hit the snow, been driving headed to the Bassmasters Classic. Really looking forward, it should be fun and exciting, and I’ll hopefully kind of do like I’ve done before, and that’s take one tournament that was bad and turn it around and turn it into a good one.

The great part is the Bassmaster Classic is fish to win, the way I like it. Don’t fish for points, don’t fish for consistency, get fish to win.

If I don’t get too busy practicing, I might send you guys a picture of the snow, no more shorts and flip flops, it’s back to Simms cold weather gear.
Check you guys out after Bassmaster Classic.