Ish Monroe – Wrapping Things Up Dubs, Rigs, Wraps and Shows

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IshBlogOkay, I’ve got my boat setup, C&C Marine in Modesto rigged it to my specs, and now it’s at Liquid Wraps in Phoenix getting the Cocoons wrap installed on the truck and boat.

My Ranger is tight, I’ve got things exactly as I want them, and Richard over there even figured out how to store my spare trolling motor in the battery storage area so that it’s out of the way. Last year, I removed my middle rod rack so that I could put it in there, but with the new MotorGuide Tour Digital 109 that has the Lowrance transducer built in, I couldn’t fit it in there; Richard fixed it.

What that means is I have more room for tackle. I’ve got more tackle in my boat now than ever before, but it’s more organized too.

I’ve also got the boat ridin’ on 20’s again; I put those on the trailer before I pulled out of town to head to Liquid Wraps. I hear some people say they wonder why we go to the extremes we do with our rigs, but understand; it’s all about eyeballs to us.

The more people that see our trucks and boats, the more visibility we are generating for our sponsors. Cocoons tells me they know where I am in the country based on where the visits to their website are coming from when I’m on tour. My truck makes people look, and that’s why my sponsors work with me, to try and get more people to look; ya know.

Anyway, I’m basically tying up loose ends around here. I’m going to be at the ISE Show at Sacramento this weekend. I’ll be there for the Round Table deal with Skeet, Gary Dobyns, Cody Meyer and Mike Long. Those discussions are always lively and informative, so that will be fun.

While I’m there, I’ll be doing a seminar on Sunday, but I’ll also be spending a little time with Ranger, Lowrance and with Team Bass Adx clothing. The Sacramento show is always the best one of the year around here, and now that it’s the only one, I bet it’s going to be even bigger.

After the show I’m going to a Golden State Warriors versus San Antonia Spurs game on Monday, then I fly to Phoenix to pick up the truck and boat, and it’s on to Lake Okeechobee for the first FLW Tour Open of the year. It’s just about time, and I’m ready to get to work.

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