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Monster Fishing Tackle has become one of the fastest growing online pro shops in the business, and in the coming weeks, keep a look out for their Product Spotlights that will introduce you to some products that can help you do what we all want you to do; put more fish in the boat.  The first one is the LiveTarget Baitball Series.

LiveTarget BaitBall Series
Already known for their realistc lures, Koppers  LiveTarget has taken it up a notch with their new BaitBall series of hard baits.  By far their mist ambitious effort to date, the BaitBall Series incorporates real life images of several baitfish into each lure; the results are astonishing.  The BaitBall series mimics baitfish natural tendency to school up when under attack by predatory species and in doing so initiates a feeding frenzy caused by fish’s instincts to prey upon an easy meal.  Comprised of a variety of crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater lures, the BaitBall series offers fishermen the ultimate in realism and action.

LiveTarget-BB-TS-SquarebillBaitBall Theory:
The schooling formation of baitfish amid the constant assault of predator fish is one of Mother Nature’s most complex fight for survival events. It is the eternal “fight or flight” law of nature.

Safety is in the sanctuary of a BaitBall.
1. As the predator looms nearby, the baitfish will instinctively form into a tighter baitfish school.  Eventually they will form a baitball trying to disarm the pending attack.  Both prey and predator are on their highest alert.
2. As the predator approaches the baitfish scatter.  The mass is broken.  It’s pandemonium – it’s an adrenalin filled panic.
3.  The desperate baitfish swim erratically until pairing occurs, with the goal to reform the sanctuary of yet another baitball.