James Niggemeyer – Catching up

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NiggemeyerBlogThe last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting; starting back at Bull Shoals I made the first cut; had a respectable tournament there.  Then, I fished fished the second Central Open at Table Rock – a place that I rather like!  It is a really neat fishery.  Last year I finished fourth here – just really had a chance to win the event last year.

The Table Rock event turned out to be super tough for me.  I say super tough – the reality is just getting quality bites was a pretty tough deal.  It turned out to be a pretty tough tournament for me.

But it has been a pretty neat couple of weeks with the family.  We stayed at White River State Park, there below the Bull Shoals Dam and I was able to do some trout fishing with Daniel one evening after weigh it – I guess it was Saturday after the third day and he loves to trout fish – it is how I got my start.

Really, my Mom and Dad got me started on trout fishing in the Eastern Sierras in the Mammoth Lake area and my son has just taken to it – it has really been neat to watch it and he loves to eat them as well, which is what I did all through my summers growing up with my parents.

So, it is kind of a neat deal to see him take after it, and to like to eat them as well.  So, then, we had a great time and then we went up to Table Rock.  Sandy was able to spend some time with one of the youngest Open Tournament Anglers, Kent Sellars’ parents, and she took the kids to a place called Butterfly Palace and it was a pretty neat time for them.

I was able to fish with Brent Chapman’s dad Ron, in practice, the second day of practice and we had a good time together and caught a bunch of fish and even had some quality bites.

It has been pretty neat; it’s been pretty enjoyable – got some new rods from St. Croix called the Rage Rod.  I definitely want to talk with you more about that at a later date, but it is just a great rod -just the technology that they have used to put this rod together!  It has modified micro guide system, and probably one of the most innovative, cutting edge reel handles you’ve ever seen.  It is a neoprene skin which feels really nice on the hands, it tends to grip you back when your hands are clammy or wet; whether it is rainy or wet or you get a little bug spray on it; whatever it is, it is just a really neat, unique material for a rod handle.

It’s one of the things that I think is really neat about the rod itself.  It is probably one of my favorite innovations that St. Croix has done to that Rage Rod.

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