James Niggemeyer – Two Events an Guiding on Lake Fork

Bucks Falcon Mercury

NiggemeyerBlogWow, it has been a really, really busy past few weeks – no rest for the weary is the way I have thought of these last three or four weeks.

Let’s start back with the Sabine River.  That was really a grueling event, because we were getting a bunch of bites, but keeper bites were tough to come by.  I had a really good chance to make the day three cut, which I missed by three pounds and fourteen ounces; but really, I lost a couple of two pounders and another one that may have been a keeper the second day and that really hurt me, and kept me from making the cut.

I think that, looking back on it, I was on the right deal.  It is always important to get every bite you have in the boat; but, at a really tough event like that, it is even more crucial.

I left the  Sabine River frustrated; it took me a little while, but things were starting to go in the right direction.  I was kind of getting my fingers around the whole puzzle by day two.  If I would have figured it out a bit more on the first day; I’d have made the day three cut.

Anyway, we went on to Falcon and that was a great event for me.  I was in the top twenty after two days and really thought that I had a chance to really move up and make that top twelve cut.  But, things didn’t work out again; I lost a couple of key fish that second day that didn’t cost me the top twelve cut, but would have kept me higher in the standings.

I fell to thirty ninth but still fished on day three which is always a good thing; and moved up in the standings and just hopefully moving onward and upward in the next events to come and the rest of the season.

I have been guiding a bunch since I got home.  I had hit the ground running when I got home from Falcon; in fact, the next day I was guiding and since on Lake Fork   We have had some funny – unseasonably cold weather – weather for springtime in East Texas.  Some nights in the twenties with highs in the fifties and low sixties for right around the first of April.  It has been kind of an odd spring around here.

Despite the odd weather,  we’ve had some good days and some great personal bests out there.  I’ve been  enjoying getting out on the water and fishing Lake Fork on a daily basis.  One of my clients had one that we estimated between nine and ten pounds; but, we couldn’t take it in to weigh on official scales because it was in the slot –it was a twenty three incher – but, a giant, magnum fish that was pre-spawn.  I didn’t have my scale with me to weigh it,

After a busy week of guiding, I went down to Sam Rayburn for the BassCat’s Owners Invitational which is kind of their owner’s appreciation event.   It was the first time that they have not had it in the State of Arkansas where they have hosted it all through the years.

Rayburn was tough too; we had low sixties; hard north wind, cold front; but the guys still caught them pretty good.  It was nice to go to a different place and I think that some of the people that don’t get a chance to make it to Mountain Home for the Annual Owner’s Event were able to make it there to Jasper, Tex.  and Sam Rayburn Lake.

Anyway, I was able to be there with all the guys on the Pro Team – Kota Kiriyama, Kevin Short, Billy McCaghren, Mike Iacconelli and Pete Gluszek were all there!  It was good to get with them in more of a relaxed atmosphere; however, it is work putting on a tournament.  It is no easy task and BassCat and all the crew did a wonderful job – been a lot of happy people and obviously happy winners of boats and motors and wonderful things like that.

But, that’s it for now.  I am headed back home and Lake Fork where I will be guiding the next few days and again through the next week and then we are on to Bull Shoals.

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