Jeff Kriet – Beat the Snow In Louisiana ahead of the Storm

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KrietBlogI packed up and left home earlier than I would have normally, but with the storms comin’ into town again bringing more snow and ice, I figured that I’d better head to Louisiana and beat the weather to the Bassmaster Classic.

I was scheduled to go to the Tulsa Boat Show and work for Nichols Marine, but the weather kept me in the house. The trip that would have taken me a couple hours would have turned into 10, and with the risk of running off the road, I couldn’t risk it.

I’m going to go to the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana to fish before the official practice period starts later this week. I’m itchin’ to get down there and jerk on some heads. I spend most of my offseason fishin’ the toughest lakes around home trying to prepare myself for a tough Classic.

The way I figure it, if I spend a bunch of time in Texas fishing warm water lakes and catch a bunch every day, then if the bite at the Classic is tough; I’m not ready mentally for a long, grinder type of day. But, if I fish lakes that I’m only going to get one to three bites a day, then I’m ready for a five or six bite day in the Classic, and that will feel like good fishing.

I’ve also been doin’ a bunch of map study trying to come up with new routes and backup plans in case we run into fog; which could be a real problem this time of the year. You can run more than two hours in any direction on the Delta, and a one hour run is considered short there, so I’ve been looking for an area to go to in the fog if we get it.

I’ve gotten myself really organized – well, for me anyway – and I’m ready for the Classic and the first Central Open after that. I’m going to keep the boat really light for the Classic, and try to bring only what I know I’m going to fish with. When you’ve only got four hours to fish, you don’t have much time to change anyway.

I’ve got a push pole, a bunch of rope and a warm change of clothes in the boat; I’m ready for the Classic to start.