John Murray – Getting Ready for Roosevelt Two Tournaments Ahead

Bucks Falcon Mercury

MurrayBlogI don’t have too much to report this week; I’m up at Roosevelt livin’ in the motor home while I practice for the WONBass Pro-Am and the FLW Everstart tournament.

I had the boat over and Liquid Wraps to install the wrap to my Ranger Z521 and Mercury Verado 250 Pro Four Stroke, but when they started to print the job, they had a problem with the printer. I guess they’re ordering some parts for it, and when they get them in, I’ll take it back over there.

The wrap art looks pretty cool. It’s all dark charcoals and grays with some really cool striping in the wrap, with the Advanced logo at the center of the boat, and River2Sea in there as well. I’ll be excited to get it finished because that means the last big project is done and I can focus on fishing. I’ll share the wrap with you when it’s finished.

I had my first practice day on Roosevelt Monday, and I had a pretty good day. It was a Monday, and weekdays are usually better than weekends for fishing, but I had a little over 15 pounds; a pretty good day. I caught them mainly on two River2Sea baits, and they were… I’ll tell you in a couple of weeks after the tournaments.

Well, there’s not much else to say, except that I’m sittin’ in the motor home with the heater on and the satellite TV goin’ and I think I’m gonna call it a night; I’m really comfortable.