John Murray – ISE Shows and Shasta

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MurrayBlogAfter wrapping up packing and getting ready to go to the first tournament of the year. I headed up to the ISE Show in Sacramento Saturday and Sunday, I spent the weekend in the River2Sea booth. They always have a lot of great deals in that show.

After I left the show, I was off to Shasta for a week; I’m fishing the Everstart up there, and hopefully having a good time in all of this weather we’re expecting. I am looking forward to getting up there; I love to fish on Shasta because you can catch a lot of fish, and you have the potential to catch some of the biggest spots in the country there and looking forward to go!

Before I left home, I got in a shipment of Arden Edge Elite reels and they are just an awesome reel! I am looking forward to getting out there, throwing those and getting used to them and seeing how far these will cast, ’cause I know my other Ardents cast a mile.

After the tournament at Shasta, I will be heading to the ISE Show in Las Vegas on February 4th. If anybody is out and around, stop by and say hi; I’ll be doing seminars at that show.

It’s funny, the season is just getting started and I’m getting all myself and all of my stuff ready. As I was packing the Advanced Angler rig and getting ready to head up to Shasta, I was thinking that I couldn’t wait to get on the road heading west – my favorite direction.

So hopefully, I’ll get up there and catch a few nice ones.

I will let you know how I do!