Skeet’s Beat – NAMM Show Anaheim

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SkeetBlogWe had an eventful weekend at the Reese house.

Actually, it wasn’t at our house, it was at the NAMM Show in Anaheim at the Convention Center. NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants – it’s kind of like the ICAST of the music industry. I say that because it’s the only thing I can truly compare it too; but in actuality, it dwarfs ICAST.

NAMM is not open to the general public, but we got in because Tom Coster; my father-in-law, is a professional musician, and he and his band, Vital Information were performing in the KORG booth. They had this little soundproof room that would fit about 50 people in it, but with the front doors open, people were lined up and listening.

Kim and I have been together for 14 years, and in all that time I’ve really only heard him play once or twice, but even in that time I can tell that he continues to get better as a musician. He really shredded up his keyboard while we were there, and his energy was really high because his whole family was there. It was a really good show. There is a YouTube video of the performance, it’s pretty cool.

As far as the show goes; all I can say is WOW! Not only was the show huge, but there were times I almost regretted bringing the girls in there. We learned really quick to avoid the guitar and drum section because it was full rockers and rock groupie types. When we made the first pass through Kim and I both had our eyes pop out of our heads when this one woman walked by us in leopard skin chaps with nothing but a thong underneath; we hoped the girls didn’t notice too much.

There were other “interesting” sights too. We saw people with their whole faces tattooed to look like animal faces, and there was this one guy who had Jagermeister bottles for earrings – needless to say, it was an attention getting show.

We saw Stevie Wonder while we were getting out of the cab at our hotel from the airport. Then; later, we were going across the street from the hotel with Tom and the family when we ran into Randy Jackson from American Idol. My father-in-law helped him get started in the business, so they gave each other big hugs in the street until the security officers told us to clear the street. We moved to the curb as they talked for a minute, but before long Randy was swarmed by autograph hounds and fans.

What was funny about seeing him was that it was the first time I’ve seen my girls get star struck. Lea’s face was priceless and Courtney whispered “Dad, he’s on TV!” It was really funny.

It was a really cool show, and I’d love to go again, but maybe without the girls next time.