John Murray – New Year’s and New Boat Bounce Houses and Ready for Tournaments

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MurrayBlogI thought my boat was ready when I went to Glendale the other day, but I guess I jumped the gun a little; it wasn’t quite there.

It’s supposed to be on Tuesday now, and I can’t wait.

Anyway, New Year’s was mellow. Now that Amy and I are old married folks with a kid, we stayed home and went to bed. It worked out kinda cool though, because the next day, when we went to a couple of New Year’s parties, we weren’t hung over like everyone else and could enjoy our brunch.

One of the parties made T.J.’s day because it had a jump house. He loves those things, and even though he was the smallest kid there who was getting bounced around; he had a blast. He really held his own, and had a great time doing it.

Back to my Ranger, I’m going to get it ready, and load it up for fishing. I’ve got a couple of educational guide trips that the guys at The Hook Up Tackle set up for me, and I’ll use that time to get it broken in and work out some of the bugs. These guys want to learn more about using electronics, so those days should be a lot of fun.

After those trips, I’ll head to Shasta in the middle of the month for the Everstart up there, then I’ll start practicing for the WON Bass and FLW Everstart tournaments that will be on Lake Roosevelt.

I’ll also fish a few team tournaments around here too, I’m a tournament fishing junkie, and I use the time to get tuned up for the season, and I could stand to make a little bit of money with the time to head east coming soon. I know some of the local guys bust my chops about fishing team events, but they’re just good ways to get out there and stretch a string a little.

I’m pretty excited too, my boat wrap for the year is going to be Advanced, so not only will I be doing a bunch of communicating on the site, but my boat and jersey are going to be sharing it with people everywhere too.

My artwork is being done now, I’ll share it all with you when it’s finished.

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