Lowrance HDS On Tour – Ish Monroe

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LowranceBlogTournament anglers are always looking for an edge, the weekend tournament angler can use the latest technology to one up is competitors, win the trophy and make a little bit of extra money.
For the anglers on the pro tours that fish for a living, having the latest technology is not just a nice to have; it is essential.

Lowrance HDS provided immediate differences for their pros, the use of the high definition displays made defining bottom content, and showing of fish from structure much more clearly.
Bow, with the advent of Structure Scan, the Lowrance HDS Units can provide as clear a view into the underwater world. These features help professionals have an edge on their competition, and one of those is Lowrance Pro Staffer Ish Monroe.

“The impact of the Lowrance HDS with Structure Scan was immediate for me. The first FLW Tour event of 2010 at Table Rock Lake proved just how effective the Structure Scan Technology is. I already knew how much definition the HDS Display provided, but even with that, I still found an advantage with the Structure Scan.

Table Rock is known for being clear, deep and for its standing timber which can hold giant schools of spotted bass. Finding those schools has always meant driving through the trees and finding where they are holding.

In my practice scouting I found that there was something on the bottom between the trees that looked like a series of blobs, but I couldn’t tell what it was; until I looked at the Structure Scan overlay on my screen. What Structure Scan showed me was that the junk was actually brush piles and that bass were holding on those brush piles.

I could see those brush piles from wherever my boat was positioned. All I had to do was toggle the cursor over to the image on the screen and mark the brush pile with a waypoint. After finding the targets, I could back off and cast to them, or fish them vertically.

I was able to back off of the brush piles, throw a light Texas Rigged bait at them and catch enough bass to finish in 15th place for the tournament. I could see which of the piles were holding bass before I even got on top of them; which saved me time and made me more effective in the event.”

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