Skeet’s Beat – One Last Summer Hurrah

Power Pole

SkeetBlogWe’ve got one last family getaway of the summer before everybody gets back to
work and school.

Me, Kim and the Girls are taking a camping trip to one
of our favorite places with some friends before I have to head to New York and
Lea and Courtney head back to school.

I can’t believe how fast the
summer has flown by. Of course I was gone for almost a month with tournaments
and then a week at ICAST; but, it seems like the time we did have has flown by.
So, we’re taking this one last week to get away and go camping in our trailer as
a family.

We’re all really looking forward to the camping, but
truthfully, I’m not real happy about having to miss the second half of the
Summer Olympics.
I’ve really gotten into the Olympics this year. We’ve
watched some amazing things happen, and it always inspires me to see how much
these athletes can accomplish and how much work they put in to being at their
best during the games.

We’ve really enjoyed the swimming. Michael Phelps
is an amazing competitor. To have that much dominance over such athletes the
world over for so long is awe inspiring. I can’t believe how much he has done in
his career, and he really followed up his Beijing performance with a great one
this year too.

The women’s gymnastics team was amazing as well. To see
them pull out the team gold and then to have Gabby Douglas earn the individual
all around gold was really cool too.

Lea has really loved watching the
women’s soccer team. She loves playing soccer herself, and she’s definitely
caught the bug of the Olympic team. It’s usually on too late, so we record it
and watch it together.

We’ll miss some things being out here in the
campground, but, it’s family time and that’s something we’re all looking forward

After the camping trip, I’ll get ready to head to New York. I’ll
spend some time with the buyers and management team at Dick’s Sporting Goods
before I head to Oneida for the last event of the year. I’m looking forward to
getting up there and figuring out those fish at Oneida. After that, we’ll just
see what happens with Classic qualifications and All Star Weeks and everything

But, for now, it’s back to business for all of us. We’ll talk to
you soon, and Go USA!