Video – Friday Funnies – Massole Answers Some Fan Mail

Bucks Falcon Mercury

Somewhere along the way, we at Advanced angler have seemed to have picked up a hitchhiker from Beantown.

While he might seem to be a little annoying to some; We can assure you that he IS exactly as he seems.

At any rate, Massole; the self proclaimed “expert on everything,” has decided to bring his “expertise” to the pages of Advanced  Exactly what his expertise is, we’re not exactly sure, but he sure seems to think he knows enough to give answers to reader fan mail that has come in since his last video where he coordinated his own ICAST show in a room in his Southie cellar.

Whatever the case, Massole has provided readers with answers to their questions that just always seem to present more questions where there was only the one to begin with.

So, here is Massole’s latest visit to Advanced Angler with the Fan Mail Bag in our latest version of Friday Funnies.