Skeet’s Beat – Family and Fans All Star Week Vote and Fun at Home

Bucks Falcon Mercury

SkeetBlogI guess I’ll have to start with the fan vote for All Star week.

I really would love a chance to go there; for a few reasons. One, I really want a chance to settle some old grudges with Lake Jordan and the Alabama River – me and those bodies of water got a score to settle.

Two, after the year I’ve had, I’d like a chance to continue the momentum I started at Wheeler Lake before I forgot how to count. I felt like I had turned a corner with the fishing and things were starting to go the way I’d like them to go and I’d like the chance to go after it for another event.

Lastly, and more importantly, I can’t imagine the feeling it would be to get voted in by the fans. We start this career because we love fishing and we love the competition. But, somewhere along the way, the fans really become a part of you and I’d like the chance to say thank you for their support by going out and kicking some butt in the Alabama heat.

With all of that in mind, I’d really appreciate your vote for the Toyota Trucks All Star week; it would mean the world to me. If you would, please go to and vote every day. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some prizes too; maybe even a boat.

We had some fun at the Reese house this past week. We celebrated my youngest daughter Courtney’s fifth birthday, and Kim’s birthday on the same day. So, we had a kid party during the day and the grown up party that night.
The kids had a blast, we set up a water slide bounce house out by the pool, and the kids must have gone down it a thousand times. In fact, they went down it so much that Lea’s backside got a little irritated by sliding down the vinyl; so that was fun. After the kids cleared out, we had Kim’s party and everyone had a lot of fun with that too; it was a really good day.

We went to Southern California this past weekend for my brother-in-law Tommy’s wedding. He’s 45 years old and finally found the right girl. He might move a little slow, but I was really happy for him and his wife. It was a nice little ceremony with all of the family there.

Other than that, we’re getting ready for our family houseboat camping vacation, and we’re all looking forward to that.

Then, we’ll get back and start getting ready for ICAST in a couple weeks. There are some new products coming out from Wright & McGill Co., TroKar and Lucky Craft that I can’t wait to show you. And, you never know, there may be some other things in store too.

Later, and in case I don’t get to tell you before then; Happy Fourth of July from us.