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BrowningBlogI would like to say a very special thanks to Advanced Angler for allowing me to
be a part of their blog and reaching out to fishing fans throughout the

I want to talk a little bit about two new reels from Lews – one
is the BB1 that has kind of redesigned the crankbait market fishing reel. It is
the crankbait reel that David Fritz, who I consider one of the greatest, if not
the all time greatest crankbait fishermen – just simply because David really
pays attention to details within a reel; more so than line and rod selection –
he really thinks that a reel can make a huge difference in the success of a
crankbait fisherman.

The new BB1 by Lews – I had a chance to throw one
last week at a writer’s trip on Grand Lake. And you know, the first thing that I
noticed about it was that the anti-reverse is not the conventional anti-reverse
– it actually has a little slack in it which allows you to really feel the reel
as you are reeling the bait in. It is tremendously smoother than your standard
5.1:1 or 5.4: 1 gear ratio reels.

It definitely added casting distance
to the crankbaits that I was throwing – and you know, that is going to translate
into a deeper diving plug and covering more productive water – it is a really
cool reel!

And the other one is the new Super Duty – it’s the reel
designed for braided line. We have a lot of anglers that are changing to braided
line in certain situations – Alabama rigging – punching through mats – things of
that nature and I think this Super Duty reel is going to hold up to the test. It
is definitely built for durability and full braided line and the abuse that we
put on reels with braided line. I am really excited to use that and put it to
the test.

You know, it is kind of the off season and these are some of
the things that I will be doing throughout the fall…using new product – trying
to get familiar with it. A lot of this stuff was introduced at I-CAST and just
now becoming available to me and the public – and kind of doing the homework for
the beginning of next year’s season.

So, I look forward to keeping
everybody updated and again, big thanks to Advanced Angler for allowing me to
produce a little blog.